Memorial Wall

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Hercules Hercules was such a good boy and lived a good life! We had a good 10 years with him and will miss him very much.
7/10/09 - 10/13/19. <3



We adopted Cody when he was 7 years old. He was timid, anxious, and tried VERY hard to be a "good dog." We just enveloped him into our lives... doggy daycare, going to work with me, herding two cats, trash barking at the poodles next door, shameless begging for tidbits, backpacking throughout Wyoming and Idaho and sleeping as close to our bed as he could get. He blossomed and so did our love for him. We have known for the past 9 months that the end was near but nothing could prepare me for his final breath as I felt my heart straining out of my chest to snatch it back.

Strong Work Dear Cody, our big, beautiful, faithful companion.

I found Makoto when I was in college and we spent the next 14 1/2 years together. He's been on so many adventures with me. Moving to 5 states together, meeting my husband, having my first child, and lastly moving to Idaho. His body began to age many years ago with joint issues but it never stopped him from going swimming after a ball or following me from room to room. He celebrated his 15th birthday at Cascade Lake. He made my life whole. He was with me every step of the way and it was so important for me to be there for him as he aged.


Lucy was an amazingly smart, goofy, loving dog. She loved her people and we loved her. Lucy was a wonderful part of our that will forever have a very large special place in our hearts. Lucy left us way too soon. We will miss her every day! Rest well sweet face. We love you !!

Our clown. Always happy, always crazy and always loved. We will miss you terribly until we meet again.

Oh Missy. You were an unexpected gift to my life. A pound rescue I wasn't looking for but who was delivered to me divinely. Already an old lady when we met, you were set in your ways and refused anything less than complete world domination. You claimed me as yours and nobody came between that... at least not without you having a firm discussion with them about it. Your little grunts, growls and other shows of dismay at letting someone else sit next to me were always harmless and, sorry to tell you, a bit comical most of the time. They did, however, tell me how much you loved me and how you never wanted to leave my side. Today, though, I have to say goodbye and you have to leave my side. While you were just a little thing the hole you're leaving is massive. I promise we will sit next to each other again on the other side of the rainbow bridge.


She was the best dog anyone could ask for. Always greeted you with a smile and a sneeze! Chased shadows and was petrified of fireworks n thunderstorms. She brought so much love to our home. God, we miss her. Our home is empty without her.

Buddy was a rescue dog. He was always up for an adventure and a bully stick. Words cannot express the joy we experienced having Buddy in our lives. Rest in peace old pal. You are in our hearts forever.

From the moment we saw Mya, it was clear that we were going to have our hands full with her because she was so smart. We always said she acted more like a human than a dog. She would talk a lot and always be where the people were. She loved to swim, play, run, cuddle and go camping. We had 11 amazing years with her. She will be greatly missed and never forgotten.
- Dave, Sarah, Carter, and Jake

Lillian Rose Emery
Our Lily girl gave us 14 years of unconditional love. From the day our brown eyes met, I knew she was meant to be loved by us. From running next to her big brother Buddy in her youth to her daily evening W-A-L-K-S up until her last days, Lily was always as happy as can be. You were my rescue pup lil pill and I thank you for all the amazing years you blessed us with. You will be greatly missed and hope you enjoy puppy heaven! Rest easy our sweet girl June 22nd, 2019.

Abby gave us 13 years of love, companionship, and devotion. She is resting in peace now after losing her battle with lymphoma. Abby was a dog who loved everyone. She is gone and will never be forgotten, her spirit lives within and she will always hold a very special place in our hearts. We miss her so much. Thank you to Gentle Goodbyes for helping her go peacefully in her own home.

It seems like yesterday we went to look at some local Rottweiler puppies. It was clear which one we were coming home with, as Mojo picked us to be his people. Mojo blessed us every day with his love, tender heart, ball fetching obsession, and exceptional scuba diving skills. He was truly a one of a kind and eternally missed.

This is Duke in his prime. He was our sweet, beautiful boy who blessed our lives for 11 1/2 years. Thank you so much for coming and helping him pass with the dignity and respect that he deserved. He is no longer in pain and I know he's watching over us and his sweet little brother Cooper. The pain is in our hearts with his loss. But, the many memories we shared with him will never leave us.

She started her life underneath a deck. It was her Destiny to have 16 years in my arms. Now, she plays with the angels. She leaves her paw prints on my heart forever. Thank you for your help in this tough situation.

We loved each other more then I can understand. We were always together, wherever I went he went. If he couldn't see me he would bark until I came back and we were together again. Buck, I can hear you barking!!!

Mozz was truly a best friend. He was the most gentle and smart boy anyone could ever ask for. We had a wonderful 12 1/2 years with this sweet soul. He helped raise our kids and he taught his brothers and sisters how to take care of his humans. Our hearts are broken and we miss him dearly. Thank you Mozz for dedicating your life to us and being the best boy ever. We miss your hugs, buddy.

Zeus was a rowdy little rescue dog who was always ready to rumble or play with a soccer ball, but mostly he was content to just keep our feet warm and be understood. He made it to the noble age of 20 before he finally admitted he was just too tired to keep going. He will be greatly missed and remembered with much love.

This is Sheba, she was absolutely the best little girl anyone could ever want. She had nothing but love in her little heart. And now there is only a big hole in mine. Will love and miss her always

Our beloved Normandy (5/18/2019) has now blessed the Rainbow Bridge. He was a magnificent part of our lives; smart, loyal, and playful. He loved his toys and his tennis balls, and he was our travel companion all over the western U.S. He even detected cancer on my skin and was relentlessly attentive to it, until I had it removed. Our lives have been enriched and blessed by his life with us and we honor his passing. We really loved this dog. Play and rest in peace beloved.

Marnie was a 13-year-old Bassett hound who was loved by her original owners. When they were no longer able to care for her, we took her into our home. The photo was taken on her last day. She was able to enjoy the sun and fresh air with her best friend Oscar. We all miss her but know she passed away with dignity, which she would have wanted. I imagine Marnie and her previous owners meeting together in heaven where they can walk together

Loved by Harold and Pat.

Our precious Peanut was with us 20 years! She'd been dumped in a garage at 4 weeks old and was a member of our family. Godspeed, Peanut, and we'll see you on the other side. Many thanks to Erin and Jenny from Gentle Goodbyes.

Lucy, With your sweet brown eyes, always ready for an adventure, a car ride, a butt scratch, a belly rub. Your snoring that soothed me, your heavy breathing that calmed me, the clicking of your nails on the floor, your happy wiggle butt, leaning against my leg, master of biting water, sniffer of flowers, under-bite smiler, tv watching, ice cream loving, spaghetti queen. The way you made me laugh each and every day. I believe that you were the one to Rescue me, not the other way around. You will be in our Hearts for eternity, Lady Bug! - March 11, 2007 - April 10, 2019

Basha was my first fur baby and we were joined at the hip. She went everywhere with me including work trips, social events, runs in the foothills, and was our running team's mascot one year. She was very spoiled with toys, but most importantly love. She had a wonderful life and will be missed. I look forward to seeing her at the Rainbow Bridge where we can run in the heavenly clouds together.

Dozer was a sled dog. He was one of my first leaders and he was an excellent one. We traveled many many miles together. Dozer leading the front of the team and me, working the back end. We were both rookies and learned together. I had some good leaders over the years but he was the best. He lived to be over 16 years old, long retired but always appreciated. He will not be forgotten and is sadly missed.

Kona was an amazing dog. He came to please and was eager to obey any command. He came from a line of impressive physicality, and he did not disappoint. He ran hard and fast. He could leap over fences. He was a true lab, obsessed with fetching, and a fantastic swimmer. Also, on hikes, he never ceased to find the longest, most ridiculous stick, and carry it the rest of the way, running into everything in his path. He could fit up to 3 tennis balls in his mouth.

Our sweet Tuffy was such a gentle soul. She made several moves with us and developed a closer and closer bond as the years went by. Her mind was sharp, but her body finally wore out. She passed one day before her 19th birthday, so had a long life. We are so grateful to Gentle Goodbyes for coming to our home on short notice to help us help her.

Minnie Mouse
was the sweetest cocker spaniel, she was rescued as a stray out in an alleyway eating and living by the dumpster of a store where the employees watched over her. She was instantly devoted to my husband as we got her cleaned up and to the vet. I knew we were going to be her forever home as her sweetness was clearly seen in her interactions with my other dogs and cats. Minnie Mouse woke up every morning in those early days with such awe of still being alive and in bed with us all. Her delight and joy had her prancing around with a wagging short tail and a big smile on her face, she gave us 8 wonderful happy good years even as she grew deaf and gray, her kindness even with her health issues was such a gift to have in our lives. We will miss our sweet girl.

Tribute to Bubby
Bubby was the best cat anyone could ever ask for or have as a companion.
I had hoped and prayed we would never have to part, but as time passes aging occurs though He is gone he will always be remembered. He was loved more than words can say by all who knew him and certainly by myself! Bubby will be missed forever, and as time passes it seems to become more apparent how much. Wait for me at the rainbow bridge and I'll pick you up as I cross. I miss you Kitty Bubs!

Goodbye my beautiful blue-eyed girl! We miss your sweet kisses, your smile, your wiggling butt, your puppy dreams, your tongue hanging out when you sleep, your love for everything and anything. You gave us pure joy, light and love these last 14 years and for that, we are forever grateful. We miss you so much already. There hasn't been a day since you left that we don't come home looking for you. I pray you are free and running around happy and healthy. We will see you again someday. We love you Chloe girl sooo much, RIP 3-26-2019 Forever in our hearts.

My boy Zeus came to me when he was 8 weeks old. Faithfully by my side through thick and thin. When I met my husband in 2010 Zeus excepted him and they became best buds. He was the best dog I've ever had hands down! He loved his family fiercely as we loved him back. Run free Bubs! I know you are playing soccer and chasing tennis balls. RIP 11/18/2006-03/23/2019.

It was with intense sadness and a ton of tears when we made one of our toughest and more selfless decisions - to not allow our sweet sweet boy Marshal, at the tender age of 15-1/2, to endure any further pain or suffering. I had read about Gentle Goodbyes long before the time came and knew this was how I wanted to say my final goodbyes - at the only home Marshal knew, on his own bed, and with his people by his side. Dr. Witt was extraordinary. She was kind, compassionate and most importantly, gentle. Marshal's exit from this world to the next was nothing short of dignified. I miss you puppy, you will forever be in my heart. -Ce-Ce Talley

Bandit was a very special dog. He joined our family as a puppy with his sister Osa to help our pitbull Junebug get though the loss of her previous companion Mae. For 14 years he loved playing catch and chasing squirrels, and using his heeler instincts to herd his, "Human Cow," my wife around the house. He helped raise three pretty incredible kids and was always available if someone needed some love and affection. You will be missed. Good Boy Bandit!

This is My Little Phyona Agnes Marriott
Aka: Peedy Woo. She was our little terrorist, she was the tiniest of our group, but she ran the roost. Never was there a dull moment with Peedy Woo around. We will miss her terribly. Thanks to Gentle Goodbyes who helped, Peedy Woo cross the bridge with the style & dignity she so deserved. All our love Phyona, you're with the girls now and someday we'll all be together again. Until then.......

Our sweet, wonderful girl, Kody, died on Tuesday, March 5, 2019. She was my faithful service dog. She was only 5 1/2 years old when she came down with a very aggressive form of bone cancer. There are a lot of people who have been involved in Kody's life - from her breeder to trainers, veterinarians, family, friends, neighbors, caregivers, and people who have daily greeted her in amazement. Kody was a big bundle of love and goofiness - all 168 pounds of her. She loved us with her whole being. When I think of Kody, I think of what a privilege and honor it was to be able to have such a beautiful animal living with us, even if it was only for such a short time.

We miss you so much and you will live in our hearts forever. The deer have been looking for you and were actually present for your burial. You were such a good girl and you brought us all so much joy. You were a Utah, Minnesota, Florida and Idaho cat and you didn't even like to travel. Those nights at 10:00 p.m. where you would jump up on my chest and say goodnight for a bit meant so much to me. You brought me back to reality so many times and gave me a sense of peace in a world that was often so difficult. I can't get you out of m mind and that is ok because that is right where I want you to be. I will watch for you deer friend and I know that many of them will gather where you are laid to rest. One day I guarantee that we will be in that book "Men with Cats". We loved you like family because you were family. Goodbye Cuds.

We adopted Banjo while we were in Indonesia from an Australian family and brought him back to the USA with us. We always said "this boy speaks with an Aussie accent".In Banjo's younger years he loved playing ball, chase rats and squirrels. Some of Banjos all-time favorite treats were cheese, apples, cucumbers and carrots. Banjo is not in pain and now in a special place playing with his friends, Shatzi, Ray, Brody, Arlo, Ray and Gibby. He is greatly misses by our family and his best friend Merapi. Till we meet again sweet boy, rest peacefully.

Boogie was our baby girl. She absolutely LOVED the outdoors! You could always find her running around with kids or swimming in the lake. She had such a kind spirit & was always up for a game of catch. She loved bird hunting and trained side-by-side with her dad, Smoke. She retired from dove hunting in 2017, after retrieving a whopping 50+ dove! She was all heart in everything she did. We miss and love you so much,Boogie.

Lord, thank you for letting us care for Hercules for the time that You gave us. We know that You will be taking care of him now until we get to care for him again, when our time on this earth is done.
Herc was my best friend, he was loyal, faithful and his love was unconditional.
We miss you Hercules, and will hold you in our hearts forever, until that day we meet again.
Thank you Gentle Goodbyes for helping us through an extremely difficult time. Our last moments with Herc, were spent in our home, on his bed, right in front of the fireplace, comforting each other like we had done for years.

December 5, 2010 Crash was officially a foster fail. He blended so well into our family, we just had to keep him. He was 7-8 years old at the time and was such a fun-loving guy. . Crash loved to play with stuffed toys, go for car rides and snuggle into the blankets on the couch. He was such a tolerant boy with the many foster dogs that came through our house. His favorite dog was a Chihuahua mix and they played and snuggled constantly.

My wife and I got Bumper when we graduated from college. He was our first baby and my best friend for the next 15 1/2 years. He was a fiercely loyal companion and protector until the end. There will never be another like him. We love and miss you Bump.

Thank you for taking good care of Pepper. I appreciate the service you provide.

Our hearts are heavy with the loss of our girl Sydney, whom we affectionately called "Baby Sydney" even though she celebrated her 15th birthday last October. She was a beautiful girl, but a tomboy nonetheless, never afraid of anything and surviving two back surgeries for ruptured discs, so common for her breed. She leaves behind her little kitty sister Skylar, who will no doubt miss their sibling fights and love sessions equally. We are putting together the pieces of our broken hearts, but take comfort in knowing she is running freely and enjoying all the treats she can handle.

Our Milo went to Heaven last week. He was our very beloved 11year old Labradoodle. Milo has no more pain and is surely fetching tennis balls, swimming and chasing bunnies. Milo was our constant companion, loyal friend, and fierce protector. Until we see him again we will all have a hole in our hearts from missing our, 'best dog ever'. We love you Milo.

Obie was a very special guy. He adopted us - not the other way around. We lived on a rural acreage and this little lost kitten came to our door and started scratching incessantly, clearly hungry and abandoned. We had 2 other cats and were hesitant to take him in, but what could we do!!! He became a very healthy, strong, playful, loving family pet who was a joy to have for all these years. The health issues of old age finally overtook him and he declined rapidly. At 19 years, he was our longest lived pet, and marks the end of 36 consecutive years of one or more pets in our family (labs and cats). He lived with us in 4 different houses and adapted easily to each one. Obie was the only pet to travel with us in our RV, and has ridden several thousand miles with us. He would curl up in his box while driving, never got motion sickness, and just enjoyed being with us. His loss leaves a huge hole in our lives, but we will forever remember the many wonderful memories and good times. Our grateful thanks to Gentle Goodbyes for their assistance.

Sammy was such an amazing companion for the family for about 10 years. We found him as a stray living in a storm drain, and took him in. We couldn't ask for a more sweet and loving cat than him. He was definitely a whiner. If he saw the bottom of his food dish, he'd let you know. Even if you were asleep. We'll miss him dearly and hope that he's in a better place

Phoebe Laird 2003 - 2019. Saying good-bye is the hardest part but the joys this little muffin brought us over 16 years was amazing and I wouldn't trade a second of it for the world. May she find peace, a strong heart and rejuvenated legs to once again have the freedom of her younger years. "Go get Hannah" and we'll see you again someday my friend. Love you and miss you every day.

Rye was the handsomest Golden Retriever we had ever seen. He arrived to us via a rescue group after having suffered a broken leg. Within a few months he was running wide open and never really slowed down until the end. Rye's best friend was a cat named Lil' Bit. They slept together every night. Rye rode very quietly until we arrived at the destination and then he was off, going great guns.

Cooper was seriously THE best cat ever. He was so sweet. When my son was toddler Cooper let him lay on him, pull his hair and pack him around without a single hiss or scratch. Cooper never met a box or freshly laundered item he didn't love. For such a gentle guy he was an avid hunter. He never let a mouse or lizard cross his path unharmed. Cooper loved Ron with a passion. Not one day in the short 9 years we got to have him was he ever bad. We miss him dearly.

Annie was such a sweet and beautiful Cocker that we named our daughter after her. She loved swimming the most of all activities, especially after several surgeries. She endured six surgeries and suffered from arthritis but remained really brave to the end.
Annie was one of four dogs in our home and by far the smallest but she was the boss. Especially at mealtimes. She looked like a teddy bear and our twins used to hug her several times a day.
We miss Annie very much and we were really lucky to have her in our lives for the last ten years.

Logan was such a loyal and loving member of our family for over 12 1/2 years. Two things that Logan loved besides his family was playing in water and retrieving his Kong's and horse ball. He was relentless to visitors to have them throw his slobbery Kong's. He will be forever missed in our hearts and memories. Thank you to Gentle Goodbyes for making this just a little easier.

It has been a month since we lost our sweet, beautiful little Toby, and it has truly been one of the hardest things we've had to go through. This little Sheltie had the best personality, and made us laugh every single day. We miss his fun little quirkiness, going on walks so he could say "hi" to all of his furry friends in the neighborhood, playing ball and just snuggling and having him close by our side. He was such a loyal, loving companion. We love you Toby, more than you'll ever know. Say Hi to our Jakey boy and have fun with all of your friends.

FOREVER WILL BE MISSED!!! RIP (All Dogs Go To Heaven) 12/1 /18

Frankie will sure be missed. Here is a picture of him at 15. He was Definitely more than our dog, he was a member of our family. He is running with his buddy . Thank You

Sassy brought so much joy to our lives for the past 9 years. She loved going on walks, eating dog cookies and spending time with our family. She taught our other dog Hercules (her brother) how to do everything he knows and he is grateful for it. She was a very kind, protective and loyal dog to our family. We are so lucky that we were able to provide her with a very loving home over the past 9 years and we will always think about the good times we had with her.
Rest in peace sweet puppy girl! We will miss you!

He became very skilled at weaving to & fro, as if he were on a motorcycle! He sat calmly, & enjoyed every minute, as I did, the chauffeur (even though this was my walker I modified to take him with me!)
I will treasure his memory forever, there was no dog like him. I plan to spread his ashes into the pine-forested gentle breezes of Central Oregon.
It is right to give back my "perfect present" to God, who honored & blessed me with the care of one of his beautiful creatures.
Thank you again, for all your kindness.

Annie was absolutely a fearless, courageous and tenacious being. She was as wild as the wind and lived to be outdoors. She was the most agile, graceful incredible climber. She loved music with all her heart, and loved me to sing to her. Everyone who ever saw her smiled, she made everyone smile with her funny antics. She had the most beautiful face, just like a harlequin painted by the angels.

My baby care bear. You stole my heart when you were 3 weeks old and my life has been better because of you. You have been by side for 12 amazing years. You greeted me every time with so much love. You so loved you're soft beautiful ears to be rubbed. Our lives will forever be empty without you. I hope you are running and playing and waiting for us. Every Christmas tree will be dedicated to you .I Love you so much Hera

Nikko had a rough start as a puppy, he was rescued by one caring man in Redondo Beach CA, all puppies had mange to the point of bleeding, we adopted him after a year of being with vets, he was a great dog and the clown of the dog park. He used to make happy faces with his kibbles, he loved his stuffed animals and treated them as his children, we will truly miss him...see you over the Rainbow Bridge...
Love you..Nikko

We met Katie when we went to the Idaho Humane Society in 2010 in hopes of finding a new best friend. Low and behold we saw Katie Kay wagging her little stub of a tail and we knew that she was the perfect dog for us. She made herself right at home. She loved her treats, barking at squirrels, and her family. She was the best bedtime dog and loved to cuddle under the covers at the foot of the bed. . She became fast friends with Donnie and June Bug and spent Hours tolerating their kitten antics. She always greeted Donnie with a sniff every time he came back inside and only got mildly irritated with him for licking her ears excessively and biting her in the behind every time she walked by him. She was a strong willed dog as Terriers can be. Although she could be a bit naughty, her cuteness always made up for it.

Bert, I know you are no longer by my side, but will forever be in my heart! You were a wonderful companion and a great listener! You always brightened my day with your quirky antics and unconditional love. RIP my sweet boy! I love you.

In the memory of Sophie the beloved family member. Alway happy to see you. Always made you smile with her warm heart and funny Sense of humor. Even though she has gone home to heaven we know she is watching over use. Sophie will be missed but She will alway be in our hearts and memories.

Rocky was the cutest and also possibly the best dog that ever lived. He was the best snuggler and giver of doggy hugs. I'll miss our daily walks and the sound of his baying when he smelled another dog or a cat. I'll miss the way the breeze would blow back his ears on windy days or when he put his head out the car window on the way to the park. Beagles are known for their keen sense of smell but Rocky could also hear the sound of a can opener or a treat bag opening from across the house. I miss the sound of his little whine and wagging of his tail every time I came home. He brought warmth and love to my home and I miss him every day. Rest in peace little buddy, I doubt I'll ever have another dog as sweet as you..

Jake (on the right), you will be missed by your "doggie pac" & even more by your human family. You were a loyal protector and a big part of the love in our family for 12 years! We could not have asked for any more.

For seven years, Gideon was a full-fledged important, beloved member of our family. He was a smart little guy, he knew how to beg for treats while standing on his hind legs, he also knew how to open the back door by himself, (though not the screen door), he knew how to communicate his wants and needs to us, and had all of our hearts thoroughly wrapped around his little paw. One of my special daily rituals with him: He'd wait until I got showered and dressed, when he'd follow me around and meow until I sat by him, while he lay in a C-shape on the floor, to sing "Soft Kitty" to him as I gently petted him--all the way from the top of his head down to the end of his tail, over and over. Then I'd tell him what a good kitty he was and how much each one of us loved him. What ever room we were in, he wanted to be there with us. Our house isn't the same without his sweet presence. We will love you forever Mr. Gideon, you will always be one of the biggest loves of our lives. RIP little punkin.

Hambone was a very special member of my family for 13 years. It feels strange that I don't get to hear his calls anymore, or receive his special stuffed mouse "gifts," but he will always hold a very special place in my heart. I love you Boney!

It broke our heart to say goodbye to our much loved dog of 14 years, Gordon. After struggling with a second bout of cancer, we had to make the difficult decision to let him go. Thank you Gentle Goodbyes for helping us navigate the rough waters of Gordon's end of life journey with compassion and love. We will never forget your kindness.

(Gordy, Gordo, Bubba) was a dedicated and loyal member of our family, who over the years joined in on many backcountry adventures on the Salmon River & on hikes in and around the Sawtooths near our Lower Stanley home. He had a HUGE heart and was always happy to be included whether rafting, SUPing, skiing, or just hanging out fireside in winter; or under a shade tree in the mountains in summer. He was happy whenever he rode along in the truck with us onto his next adventure. We will miss this sweet, loving, quirky often misunderstood, ever loyal 3-legged dog.
He will forever be in our hearts

Rowdy deserved his name: he was stubborn, would not listen and just had his own mind. But we wouldn't have wanted him to be any different! He was a true character and loyal friend. He filled our lives with so much fun and laughter: hours of tug-o-war (he usually won), catch-me-if-you-can (he was great at evading us) and keep-away (he was not going to give up that ball). He loved chasing after sticks into the water (or geese), roll in the sand (or some nasty smell), and go on long walks with us or a nice car ride sticking his head out the window. But he was also very gentle, snuggling with us in bed and dishing out kisses or relaxing in the sun (until a squirrel comes into sight). And at the end of the day nothing topped a morsel of steak, a scoop of peanut butter and a good scratch.
We dearly miss this spunky little guy. Rest in Peace, Rowdy. Go chase them!

With a heavy heart and tears in my eyes I had to say goodbye to my best friend of 14 years. Roofus was a delightful Sky terrier who was loved by all. His expressive ears, smiling grin, and flowing hair made me smile every day. I will miss his kisses, snuggles and loving eyes. Roofus, know that you were and still are a big part of my heart. Until we meet again, I miss you so.

Kit Kat
This is my beautiful Kit Kat. I was blessed to get her from the shelter when she was 8 and the pet of the week in the Idaho statesman. I fell in love and am still in love with my precious friend, princess, diva Even though I lost her October 14th 2018. No one could love and miss her more. Gentle goodbyes was loving and caring in the most difficult time ever. Love Karen

Snort lived all of her 16 years in the beautiful state of Idaho. Despite her somewhat compromised breathing issues, she was an amazing hiker often times exploring 10+ miles of trails in Idaho's wilderness on any given day. She was my loyal companion and a friend to everybody, and she brought smiles and laughter to all throughout her journeys.

Sweet Crazy Boo

This is our sweet crazy Boo. He was a stray puppy who was found on Halloween by my sister. Thus, his holiday-inspired name. She was unable to keep him, and he came to live with us over 17 years ago. He was instantly a mama's boy and continued to be mama's Velcro dog for the rest of his life. Wherever mama was, there was Boo. Our kids grew up with him. Our
family grew older with him. We dreaded losing him. We would give anything to have another 18 years with him. Thank you for so gently helping us say goodbye to him. We loved him and miss him terribly


Gentle Goodbyes lost one of its beloved "grief counselors" this week. The big, happy, smiling face of Traveler who accompanied our beloved technician Emily to all of her home euthanasia appointments. He was usually seen peering out the window (often from the drivers seat much to Emily's chagrine) and waiting for his mom to come out. He cheered us all up at these appointments when we sadly came out of our appointment only to find him grinning from ear to ear and bouncing around to be let out of the car. He was quite a character. Everyone at Gentle Goodbyes will miss him dearly.

Miss Mia
"Miss Mia' was a wonderful companion for almost 15 years. It is a comfort to imagine "Mia" playing with her friends and in excellent physical health once again. She taught us many things while being our friend. The valuable gift of giving and accepting unconditional love was perhaps the most important.

Tinkerbell was a loveable and sweet Teacup Poodle. She loved everybody and was always happy to see anyone. She loved to cuddle up with us every chance she got. She was our little teddy bear and our little Princess. The place isn't the same without her. She brought joy and happiness to everyone who knew her. She is and will be missed. Thank you Gentle Goodbyes for making this as comfortable and peaceful as you did.

Ace was our loyal furry companion for fifteen years. He loved the outdoors, especially hunting, swimming and camping with our three daughters. As he got older he became a connoisseur of lazy days and long naps in the sun. He came into our lives as a sweet young pup and and left a very well loved good ole boy . He is greatly missed and will always have a place in our hearts.

Wally Lobb
Thank you so much for your care and compassion. This is the newest photo I have. Easter egg hunt. He loved to be involved.

Zoey was truly the best cat I have ever a had
She loved me as much as I loved her
I will miss her leg rubs , the way she looked into my eyes
the way she talked to me and the sound of her purrs
We played hide and seek together
I looked forward to getting home because as soon as I sat down she was in my lap She truly was MY Sweetie
I will miss her so much and will forever hold her in my heart
she was only 7 years old when she became very ill
I can't say enough about the folks at Gentle Goodbyes
They came to our home and were very Sensitive , Kind and Caring
They made a horrible day a little easier. You could tell they knew how I was feeling and did their very best to help me deal with a terrible day
By having them come to our home instead of me taking her to the vet
I feel her spirit is still in our home and I still talk to her
It just makes it easier

I am so Thankful to Gentle Goodbyes

Toby came to us as a rescue and for 10 years was a partner, friend and protector for our family. He guarded our home and his fur siblings with his life. Played the alpha but loved like a gentle giant. He will be so missed!! Could not thank Gentle Goodbye staff enough for your kindness and compassion.

Hammy was the nicest cat anyone could ever wish to know. It was a joy to have him, from the time he was found as a tiny kitty huddling in a rainstorm under a car, to his passing at 16. He was an adventurous cat, and we were honored and privileged to be able to have been with him at home as he set off on his greatest adventure yet. We hope to see Hammy again one day. He is so loved.

My little Rosie will be so missed, I will miss her gentle touch and her loving ways. I never had a kitty quite like her. I was blessed she came into my life in 2009, the same year I lost both my parents, she brought me so much comfort during those dark days. She will live in my heart forever.

Thank you Laura, for making her passing peaceful. I know I will see her again. My little angel.

Reilly never missed an opportunity to show the endless love she had in her heart. Chasing squirrels, barking at the dove on the power line, snacks and walks were her most favorite things. No amount of time would ever be enough with you, I miss you everyday. Thank you for loving me at times when I didn't love myself and always being there for me. You're the best and I think about you everyday.

My Beautiful Champ ...Thank you lord for such a beautiful dog I call my son you will never be forgotten

Our beloved little Chloe who gave us 14 wonderful years of love companionship and joy I want to thank Gentle goodbyes For making it almost impossible decision to end the life of our best friend.They were extremely compassionate and loving during this hard time. It was the best decision I made for Chloe she was with her love ones at home when she crossed over the rainbow. With all my heart I know she will be waiting when I to cross over and meet my savior face-to-face because my God is a God of love. And Chloe demonstrated unconditional love to our family. Thank you gentle goodbyes may God bless your wonderful service that you're doing for pet owners. Rest In Peace our Sweet Chloe.

Lillie Mae
My sweet Lillie Mae,
For 15 years, 5 months and 19 days, you demonstrated unconditional love and loyalty. Between our cross country travels, my nursing career, and just being yourself, you changed thousands of lives with your loving kindness and gentle kisses. You were the cutest alarm clock ever, with your Papillon ears hovering over me, ready to start the day. Your joy and excitement for everything is still an inspiration and I will take you with me for the rest of my life. No more disease, no more meds, no more fragility. You are liberated, my dearest Lillie Mae. I love you.

We are so sad your life was cut short but feel blessed for every day we got to spend with you. Our lives are better for having had you in them. We miss you and will never forget the love and memories you brought to our family. Rest In peace Dexter.


Baby Girl
Good-bye our beautiful Baby Girl. We believe you rescued us instead of the other way around. You were always there to show your love and devotion. We hope peace is now your's. You are deeply missed!

Letting go of a loved one, part of the family, is never easy. With Gentle Goodbyes, we were in the comfort of our own home and able to ensure our dog was comfortable, safe, and passed with dignity. We love you always Barker!

Bella transitioned to stinky cheese heaven this morning (her favorite treat, she was quite the gourmand). I'm going to miss her so much. Thank you, Bella, for being such a great dog, a wonderful companion, for always guarding the house, campsites, the car and your family. And, for teaching me so much about myself. Your excellent judge of character could always be relied upon, especially when I was dating. Your distrust of men in general served me well as it was only those of a pure heart that you let into the house. How lucky was I to have you in my life for so long? I'll see you on the flip side one day.

It breaks our hearts to have lost such a loving, innocent and special member of our family. Sasquatch was our big guy! We will forever miss the way he playfully chased us through the house and pounced on us when he finally caught us. He loved his lounge days, that's when we were all together spending our day in bed being lazy and loving on him. There are not enough words to explain the impact he had on our lives. We love you- it gives us peace knowing you have reunited with Missy

My sweet girl, Myla, was the kind of cat who changed the minds of "non-cat people." She was sweet natured through and through. She loved to cuddle and you could always find her trying to take your attention away from anything that wasn't her. She loved to rest her head on my hand when I worked at the computer and squeeze in any extra space on the chair. I loved waking up to her at the foot of the bed every morning and snuggling with morning coffee. Her silky fur, kind green eyes, and high pitched adorable meow were just a few of my favorite things. I will miss Myla every day and carry her with me forever.

TThe best "Chuckit Flying Squirrel" retriever I ever saw and truly one of our best friends.
We will always love Sadie.

You were part of our household for 12 years and watched our boys grow to be men. You left us sooner than we expected, and oh how we grieved for you. We will never forget how much you enjoyed lying in the sun. Now may perpetual light shine upon you.

The ruff and tuff dog on the outside, but our sweet boy on the inside. He was our protector from anyone who came in our door or birds that landed in our yard. If anyone willing to throw a stick or ball was in his sight he transformed into a puppy. Soaring from shore into the water to retrieve a stick, but sometimes he would bring back a log he felt was more his "size." . We are grateful for his big heart and the memories we shared. Rest in peace bug. We love you.

Jazz and Dozer

Thank you for your kind and gentle service with my cherished friend Cloudy. He showed up at our door as a stray little fluffy gray kitten on Christmas Eve 1999. He was the greatest gift I've ever received. And will be in my heart always. Sincerely, Richard Morgan

McKenzie and Murphy

This dynamic duo, with us for 17 and 15 years respectively, has brought immeasurable joy to our lives. They were our constant companions and embraced all things dog, fetch, walks, traveling in the car and were happy and full of life. In his younger days McKenzie was my fishing buddy. He loved kissing the fish before we would release them back into the stream. Murphy was our inquisitive one, always wanting to know what was going on. Any package that arrived at our home had to be opened with his assistance. In their numerous car rides Murphy was always the co-pilot, with his buddy McKenzie bringing up the rear. Murphy always had to lead and be the first in any situation. Although they have passed, they will live on in our memories

Passed 2 days before her 10th birthday. She left us too soon. We said good bye to our other Sheltie Boo-Bear who was 15 years old two months ago. Macie was never herself again the day we lost Boo. I believe her broken heart sparked her rapid declining health and kidney failure.We will miss her spunky playful spirit and her persistent kissing which she gave freely. Macie, go find Boo-Bear, chase him and grab him by the tail and wait for us to meet you both again someday with your enthusiastic happy barking! "I think GOD will have prepared everything for our perfect happiness. If it takes my dog being there [in Heaven], I believe he'll be there". Rev Billy Graham

Kopper's favorite thing in the world to do was going for walks along the Oregon Trail and smelling and chasing rabbits and rock chuck. I'm sure the entire Columbia Village area heard him when he bayed. He also loved to go on his own around the neighborhood and visit his favorite places. He did both these activities on his final day (the photo is of him in his favorite place) and we know he was happy. He was a great dog and our household will never be the same with him gone. We love you Kopper dog!

Sunny Honey
Sunny Honey was my sweet little companion for many years.
I have good memories of my darling little furry friend.
I said my goodbyes to her in the surroundings she had
loved in our grassy backyard thanks to Gentle Goodbyes.
Love you forever Sunny.

Jessie loved everyone but was also a great watchdog. She always made protecting her family a priority.. She was always one step ahead of me as if she knew exactly what I was thinking.. When we lived on a ranch and it was time to bring the cows in, I would go get Jessie to help only to find that Jessie was already doing her duty and was out bringing the cows in! Jessie brought an indescribable amount of JOY to my life.

Thank you for your kindness to our sweet old girl, Pippin. She lived a great life of sixteen years and enjoyed hiking in Boise and hanging out at the lake in McCall. She was the best though just at cuddling, spooning, and just in general always knowing how to bring sunshine to our day. We will miss you, dear Pip, and know that one day when we cross that bridge too, you will be waiting there with your soft brown eyes and wet nose ready to cuddle our cares away. Love you always.


Petunia Puglet
We were devastated when we realized it was her time to go, and we could not have found a more comforting setting to send her on her way. Our little rescued fur baby had such a good life here with us, but we know she is in an even better place now (with full use of her little puggy legs, not to mention a mouth full of teeth!). Thank you for helping us, we appreciate you more than you'll ever know!!
Jake, Sophia, Candace, Britt & Gretchen...& Chacha Chihuahua too!

Our cat, Magic, was laid to rest today, April 12, 2018. July would have marked 19 years of laughter, playing, eating, and spoiling one another. As a family, we would always watch movies together, enjoy treats and snacks, scared one another, sang, cuddled, slept, warmed each other up, made us laugh till we would cry, and of course eat McDonalds French fries like they were a delicacy. His loss is tremendous to our family.. We will miss you Magic and you will never be forgotten, Doug, Karen, and Jim

We had Boo-Bear for almost 15 wonderful years. We got him as a 8 week old puppy. A Beautiful part of our family and "Such a Good Boy" who will be forever missed. Right now he is out there somewhere "playing in the snow"
It hurts a lot to know you had to go, but now your in a better place, now your finally home. Trust me I will miss you and I promise to never forget your face and personality. But when I do come home, I know that you'll be there ready to greet me as I crossover, cause we are an inseparable pair.

Shadow was an adult rescue. We had him for almost 12 years. He was the sweetest dog you could ever ask for. He loved people hiking and car rides. He was a prime example of how shelter dogs can make great pets. He seemed so appreciative when we brought him home. He pranced around the house and yard like he was the luckiest dog ever. We will miss him.

Kia gave us great comfort and love for 12 years. She loved her walks, routine car rides, and became a well rounded traveling companion to us. Fishing trips in the drift boat while keeping an eye on her master was a favorite ritual. She just enjoyed life and all the people she came in contact with. She was a lover! We believe that "Kia" was special - she really touched our hearts and will forever be remembered! We know you have made that great journey over the "Rainbow Bridge" Love you Sweet Girl!

I had the privilege of spending Laura's 13 years on earth with her. She was born the runt and remained petite but had a large personality. Laura loved to meet new people and see old friends. All of the neighbors knew her by her name and loved it when she came to visit. Laura grew up in New York City and may be the only dog to ride the Wonder Wheel at Coney Island. She had so many unique adventures and loved the life she lived.

Lily was adopted from the Humane society as a puppy and I had her for nearly 14 years. She loved her tennis ball and fetching more than anything. She would go to strangers in the park and expect them to throw her the ball. She had quirks, gave lots of fives, hated baths, and was always ready to go for a car ride. She made my life better and our bond was very strong. She is missed very much. Lily, I hope we meet again someday. You have a very special place in my heart. I love you sweet girl!

Tinkerbelle was born somewhere around July of 2002. She was definitely her own girl, tough and strong willed for a tiny thing. She was a limber and energetic cat. She could launch herself from floor to back of sofa in one leap without blinking. She was a bright and well behaved girl, much loved and cherished, more than words could ever say.

Shaylee was a rescue dog, returned twice. Our friends rescued her the third time and it didn't work out for them either. Realizing that a fourth time wasn't an option, we took her in. That was about five years ago; her estimated age was around 12 years. Although she never really knew her name, she seemed to understand us and became a part of our daily routine. She was perfectly house-trained, always insisted on sitting in the back seat of the car, barked only when she knew something was wrong...pretty much the ideal dog. When the morning came that I knew it was her was tough. This dog was a real trooper. A friend of mine recommended GGB. I cannot adequately express the gratitude my family feels for this organization. The sincerity was real, the process was comforting, and the follow up was greater than expected. We left Shaylee in good hands, and GGB provided the closure necessary to begin the healing process. None of us (including Shaylee) would have had it any other way.

We adopted moose 4 yr ago from the humane society. He was 7 and I tried to convince my son to get a younger dog. My son wouldn't here if it. He told me "if we don't take him he'll die here alone." So that was it, Moose was ours. He and my son were best buds. He brought a lot of love and joy to our family for the short time he was here. His favorite thing was to play ball with my son. He is missed.

We adopted this gentleman from the Humane Society Feb 2002. He was named after our favorite Seattle Mariner. Ichiro loved chasing rabbits in the desert, and Swimming in the canal. Trips to Lucky Peak were especially fun. He was loyal, loving, and patient. The perfect pet! We'll miss you!

Rhode came into our lives as a young dog from the Idaho Humane Society on July 7, 2003. She had a ton of energy and loved to run and chase most anything that moved. She also loved to swim, probably more than anything, except a good belly rub. We took many hikes together, walked on many beaches, and traveled many roads. She was a faithful friend and companion, through years of school, moves between cities, new jobs, and the birth and raising of two kids. Her gentle spirit and tenderness comforted us through tough times. Her happy face and wagging tail always brought smiles. We lost her January 17, 2018, after fourteen and a half years. We will forever be grateful for the memories she gave us and the time we shared. She is deeply missed.

I want to thank Gentle Goodbyes for their professionalism and compassion in helping our Buster transition to a more peaceful existence. Buster was born on the fourth of July in 2006, and left us on January 20, 2018. He was a loving, very smart, quirky and devoted protector of our family, and always knew everything that was happening in all corners of the house at all times. He loved spending time poolside with Lynn, and would keep her company for hours on end. Be well my friend!

Although this little lady was small - she had a large presence! She was the leader of our homes ecosystem. I feel an entire chapter of my life is now closed upon Maddie's passing and while that breaks my heart, I know that my sweet, beautiful Maddie is still watching over us.

Lucy was rescued as a wounded stray in Nogales, AZ near the border to a local shelter. We fostered Lucy and decided to adopt her in 2009. Lucy's favorite things were: eat, run, jump, visit her Grandparents and chase squirrels and quails.
Lucy's fond memories will be her dancing for food and smiling to us showing her teeth.
We will miss her terribly.

Samson was the best part of my life for nearly 11 years. Such love! Such joy! He is forever tattooed on my heart. Miss you my Boy!!

Jake 6/15/2003 - 1/9/2018
No longer by my side but forever in my heart.

You were a pudgy senior pup at the shelter when I fell for your sad brown eyes. You never saw a tennis ball you didn't love and your enthusiasm for long walks was legendary. A gentle giant, your quiet patience and love warmed even the most difficult of strangers and your tolerance of a grumpy cat earned you belly rubs and a wonderful spot over the Rainbow Bridge. Snuggling on the sofa, playing in the snow, and getting brushed were your favorite times. You were my first and I treasure our 8 years together. I miss you bud.

They say dogs are mans best friends, but Spencer was so much more. Friend, our little boy, camping buddy and goofball! We will miss you and love you so much buddy.

Thank you Lord for bringing us the special little girl Shorthair named LuLu.
She loved to hunt, go fishing, camp, loved to snuggle, loved her doggie doors and back yard, she loved to travel, she loved her life!!!! She gave us so many wonderful memories right up to her final day. She was simply a huge light in our lives and our great friend. We could never put into words what this little dog gave us in her life.You will be with us forever LuLu. Thank you and We Love you. You're a good girl!!!!! 12/17/2000 to 12/19/2017

Leo, our grumpy, lovable old boy. We adopted you at 9-1/2 years. You still had so much spunk left in you! We had 4 great years together.
Our home is too quiet now without you. - love you buddy.

Autumn entered into our hearts as a six week old puppy. It was love at first sight. She was the most loyal friend we ever had, we enjoyed her companionship for 16 1/2 years. Autumn, you will be missed. We will always remember you.
~ Hugs & Kisses. ~

Dyedye, we are so grateful to have you with us for past 17 years. You are always the most fearless and sweetest princess in our life. And will be always in our heart, always... Mom and Dad

We adopted this sweet girl when we think she was 3. It took us about a day for her to become "our" dog. She was an amazing teacher of patience and unconditional love. We miss her everyday. Gentle Goodbyes made a very difficult decision much easier to bare. They were very kind to our dog and to us and it made all the difference to be able to stay at home.

Chico: Nov. 1st 2000 - to Dec. 23rd 2017.
In loving memory of Chico, the best dog there could ever be. Rest in peace, my dear boy. You will be greatly missed.

JoJo melted our hearts the day we first met and held her. She loved people, road trips, camping, sleepovers and guarding the bird feeder in her backyard. JoJo and our dog, Mindy, grew up together. We miss both dogs but feel fortunate we had over 15 years with JoJo. Thank you, JoJo, for bringing love and laughter into our home. Thank you, Gentle Goodbyes, for coming to our home December 17, 2017.

Volt, friend, brain cancer took you from us before you reached your seventh birthday, but in your short time on Earth, you gave us a hundred years' worth of joy. Like a tiny, vibrant sun in corgi form, everyone who met you felt your radiance. The memories of your humor and your charm will stay with me always. I love and miss you deeply, my beautiful boy.

Delta (Sep 13, 2009-Dec 2, 2017)
She waltzed into our life in Jan 2010 as a four-month old kitten and wriggled her way straight into our hearts. She was the most intelligent, affectionate, perceptive being who brought us a great deal of joy and love. There was not a human she didn't try to befriend.
Her eight years in this world gave us nothing but positive memories and we will were indeed privileged to be part of her life. Rest in peace, sweet little one.

- Mom and Dad (Bhavana and Jai)

George, Georgie, my honey boy, was an indoor cat who loved to go outside; he always hung around but we still kept an eye on him. He loved to roll in the sunshine on the warm sidewalk, he loved to cuddle & would suck on his paw as I held him. We always thought he smelled like maple syrup! He hated being in a car. I am so thankful we found Gentle goodbyes to help us have a peaceful goodbye at home near the fireplace. I miss him a lot. -- Nancy Hartman

In November we made the decision to help our wonderful Boston Terrier "Dot" pass painlessly from this life. I can only convey heartfelt thanks to Gentle Goodbyes for their kindness and flexibility in making it possible for this to occur in our home with all members present. She was our bit of unconditional love and joy, and we miss her dearly.

We will always miss our Billy. He was so smart and loyal. He was great company and a beautiful mini Schnauzer. Billy, you were loved so much, we will never forget you.

Our sweet girl. Over the course of 14 years' of park and neighborhood strolls, thousands of miles walked, uncountable balls thrown & retrieved, and myriad pool laps swam on hot summer days, you were always loyal, playful, and so very gentle. You were loved by everyone and will be forever missed.

Everyone that ever met you loved you. Everyone you met you loved them.
You were smart, loyal, and obedient. You will be missed by us and everyone who knew you. You were a good friend and family member whom will never be forgotten.
Sleep in the sunshine that you loved so much while you live the rest of your time in heaven my old friend.

Sam had a way of making anyone feel like the most special person in the world. Bulldogs don't do much running, but he would run his hardest to get to you. He snuggled the kids every day. He was thrilled by fresh snow. And ear scratches. And bacon. Did he smell? He sure did. Did he nap (a conservative) 80% of the day? Absolutely. And he was perfect. He loved us so well for 10 years. We'll love and miss him for a lifetime.

Our sweet Pepper lived to be almost 14. When she was two months old, a farmer shot her, her mother and all of her litter mates. Pepper was the only one who survived,and made it to a no-kill shelter three miles away. The moment I saw her, we connected. As you can see in the picture of her with my grand daughter Ren, she was the kindest, gentlest dogs I've ever known. We miss her so.


My sweet best friend of 19 years. Charlie loved going to coffee with me every morning and especially loved his treats. He made life amazing and will be missed every second of everyday. Daddy loves you Charlie and you will live in my heart forever. Enjoy Heaven sweet friend.

Our sweet gal Lulu, we miss you as much as we are thankful for all the days we shared with you. Always the Lady, so sweet, gentle and laid back and easygoing almost to a fault. You were always up for an adventure as much as you were for a nap, just as long as we, the 'pack' were all together. I miss our adventures, coming home to your smile, waking to your snores and your gentle nudges and just knowing we were both there. You were my one in a million. Big appreciation to Gentle Goodbyes for making all this as easy as it possibly could be. We miss you girl. Thank you for making our lives so much fuller. PS Tibtibs says "Stay silly sis, miss ya, meow".

Holly was a rescued from death row in a local pound in Tennessee. She did not have the forceful and assertive temperament typically associated with her breed so nobody in her area would give her a home. Lucky for us that a GSD rescue group pulled her out and gave us the opportunity to share our home with her. She was as even tempered, calm, and loving as a dog could be, and we will remember her with special fondness for the rest of our lives.

Cesar was my true and faithful companion. I knew he was mine as soon as I saw the "T" over his heart and the wings on his chest. We have been together as much as possible for the short nine and a half years of his life. He always seemed to know what I needed. He is missed very much.

Roxie and Harlely
Roxie died September 26th and Harley April 8th. They were best buddies and gave us so much laughter and love. We were lucky to have them.

Skeeter was my husbands dog and when he died in 2010 she seemed lost but she knew she had a job to do! He had entrusted the daunting job of taking care of those left behind to her and till the day she left this earth she never moved from my side. I went outside, so did she. I went to the restroom, there she was. I went to bed, she was beside me. I miss this sweet force more than I can say but she did her job and she did it with a happy soul and a sweet personality.

Sally came to our home in early September 2003. She left on September 15, 2017. She was a great dog, it was a really
sad day made a little easier by us not having to take her out of her home for the last few hours of her life.

Love you, Sal!

Milo was born in Tacoma, Washington during 1999. He grew to become a handsome cat and paled around with his friend
Smokey. MIlo was quite busy in his own way, running from the doorbell, battling a raccoon, his morning "Temptations", and his new but caring parents. Our Milo will be missed

Carlos never met a lap he didn't like! He loved playing with his doggie friends, first Maddy and Aki then Gracie; he never let them get away with too much. He was much like a dog, first to get up in the morning and sit by his bowl awaiting breakfast, the first to greet me each day when I arrived home from work. He loved eating bacon and playing in water. I am so fortunate to have had him in my life for 15 years. His heart gave out I think because he gave so much love to everybody he ever met, especially me. He was such an amazing, sweet and handsome boy; I miss him terribly!

Zena was a member of our Family. It was Difficult for us to let her go. We wished we could have had more time with her. She was loved by all who knew her. She was wonderful with kids and loved to sun bathe in the water. When she left us a part of us went with her. Our Dear Sweet Zena Beana, you will always have a special place in our hearts. No one can ever replace you. We will love you always! Until we meet again. We miss our Zena!

Bailey was a loyal cat, always greeting me when I came home and ready to cuddle on the couch at night. She is greatly missed. Love you Bailey!

The little red cat in the middle is Chico. He is surrounded by his buddies Simon, Nina and Friday.
He was a sweet, special , bossy kitty who loved to jump on my shoulders and ride around. He is
once again with his kitty friends.

Our sweet baby Jake, we will miss you so much, but we'll carry you in our hearts forever. You were the sweetest, gentlest Sheltie who loved soft blankets and snuggling on the couch. You also loved your treats, standing outside with the wind blowing your beautiful coat, and smelling flowers in bloom. We will miss your "happy bark" and wagging tail whenever we walk through the door. Happy trails our sweet boy.

I'll never forget when the gal at Pet Smart brought Stoli out for me to meet him, she's struggling to stay upright and she comes busting through the door and said this is the wildest dog I've ever seen. And he remained that way. But according to this picture, no one would believe that. He was so patient with Boomer and Boomer just loved Stoli. He would rub around on him and meow and loved any attention from Stoli he could get. Boomer is rather lost now. As wild as Stoli was, he was just as sweet. He was loyal, needy but all in all a great dog and even his wild side will be missed.

Gizmo was a great dog who really wasn't a dog. He was a little person with fur. He was our life and he will be so missed. Words can't describe the hurt we are feeling with his loss. We miss the clicking of his nails on our floor, the excitement from him when we return home, the snoring, his sweet and cute little face, his big ears, his companionship, his unconditional love, and just the warmth of his presence. He gave sooo much to us and required so little. We love him dearly and will cherish forever the wonderful life we had with him. We love you Gizmo. Rest In Peace Sweet Boy.

Pickles was a great dog. For a beagle-basset hound with short legs, she could run fast. She loved all animals and was a good protector and watch dog. We miss her but hope she's with her old dog

June 15, 2008, Fathers Day, our family met Heidi the Border Collie/Australian Shepard mix at the Idaho Humane Society animal shelter. She was in the back of the kennel, frightened and alone. Her data sheet indicated that she was 4 years old. We took Heidi out of her kennel and got acquainted. We could see immediately that she was smart and knew basic commands. We instantly knew that Heidi was our forever dog and adopted her. We enjoyed our walks with Heidi. She was such a great companion and watch dog. We loved Heidi and she became such a big part of our family. Illness took Heidi away from us way too soon. We will miss Heidi very much. We were very appreciative that Gentle Goodbyes could come to our house and help Heidi end her pain quietly and surrounded by those who loved her.

Quincy was a part of our lives for almost 15 years. He loved the deer at our house in Virginia and hated the mailman.
He loved his family and friends. He was a very loving dog. We miss him but know he is happy!

We had to say goodbye to our sweet boy Ammo a few weeks ago at 7 years young. He was always a very happy boy - his favorite things to do included playing fetch (with balls, rocks, frisbees, pine cones, you name it), swimming, hanging out with his brothers Gunner and Ruger, and car rides with his humans. He will be missed so much, but he lives on in our hearts forever.

Courage was 17+ years old, an amazing cat, and will be deeply missed. Gentle Goodbyes gave us the opportunity to say goodbye to Courage from home which was so nice and comfortable. It was done with patience, peace and sincerity. We are grateful for Gentle Goodbyes.

Elka was so young to have had so many medical problems. During her short life she made my life better. I'll miss her forever!
Thank you for your compassionate care of both of us.

Our Leeloo was a big, shy, girl. Her size and bark could be intimidating to those who did not know her, but she was always so gentle. She greeted me with bounces, drooled when she drank or got excited, and raised her paw to ask for one more treat. I miss your snoring, your gentle wake up kisses, and just being next to me all the time. I will be with you again someday, over the rainbow bridge.

Lacy was about 1 ½ to 2 years old when she chose us to adopt her. For 9 years she loved chasing rabbits, whistle pigs, ravens, and antelope in the Murphy, ID, but she adjusted well to "city" life in Nampa. She gave us so much over the years and asked for so little, and we will treasure the 13 years that we did have with her.

Lucy was the truest and most loyal friend. Our relationship spanned more than a decade, during which time she brought me countless laughs, comfort in times of sadness, and taught me about unconditional love. After all she brought to my life, it was an honor to make her last few months as comfortable and peaceful as possible and when it came time to let her go, it was no surprise that she took a piece of my heart with her.

Dodger brought love and joy into our house for nine years. We will miss him every day, but know he is exploring and playing in the sun!

Maddie was a sweet and gentle girl who preferred to watch the boys play from afar. She was a shy and loving cat who loved to snuggle her humans. We miss her gentle spirit.

Sukey - She was a 'Rumblepuss'; at night, upon my going to bed, she would often climb upon my chest and purr me a lullaby. There's a hole in my heart that will shrink, but never entirely close.

"RIP Badger (9/1/2005 - 4/14/2017). Badger was the best friend and best dog ever. He was a German Shepherd mix with a gentle heart and soul. He loved his three doggy siblings, particularly his hound dog sister. He enjoyed lounging outdoors and i laying on soft blankets and sofas indoors. Routines and being bathed and clean were very important to him. He liked his dog bed "fluffed" every night before bed.

Our beautiful 16 yr old Toby left this mortal earth on April 15, 2017. He was the most beautiful, symmetrically-perfect dog we have personally ever seen. He had a distinct, strong, quiet, regal-ness about him. So incredibly loyal, patient, and never complained or demanded. I chose the day-before-Easter, as a symbol and hope, that he (like Jesus) would be resurrected on Easter Sunday.
Toby, Thank you for your unique personality and special memories that will never be matched.
You are forever in our heart and soul and mind.

Love, mama, dada, dora and dewi

10/10/2001 - 03/25/2017
The "little dog" was a big dog at heart. To some, he's known as the "bear dog" who fiercely chased away several bears from camp. A constant and loyal companion on many adventures traveling far and near. Overflowing with personality he fit right into any environment. Rock Dog was the absolute best... as was the company he kept.. Thank You for being You little buddy!

Zoh was just a puppy when I gave her to my wife, Teddi. Zoh was the perfect companion for my wife. Zoh was such a loving and sweet little girl who demonstrated unconditional love for, and devotion to, my wife. For the past twelve years the three of us were bound together as a happy family unit. Our little corgi will certainly be missed

Brie did not like her picture taken, which is something that I learned the first day that I adopted her nearly ten years ago. But, being the character that she was, when she wanted to, she would ham it up for the camera. Goodbye, sweet Brie. We love you and miss you.

Upon barren branch,
Appeared a bud of brown,
Fragrant flowers followed.
O Kaya, a name, a form, a being like my self.
For a time, a life, as a dog essence breathed
Manifest as her. O our souls,
We come,
We go,
in eons of time, and space.
Of amazing grace.

Mojo was an amazing dog. With her unconditional love, she cured me of my pain and helped me start my life fresh. She loved to go camping and on walks and just for rides in the car - everywhere we went, she was the star of the show. She was smart and she had uncanny intuition - she just knew things. She will be missed by everyone.

5/19/11 to 3/8/17: You were a one of a kind lab. You loved the water like most labs, but you were the most cuddly and mellow lab most we had ever met. Sweet, beautiful Penny - taken too soon from us, we're going to miss you like crazy. Rest in peace our sweet angel.

Murphy. Murphy Doo. Murphy Moozer. The Mooz. 2006-2017
50% Pit Bull Terrier, 50% Chesapeake Bay Retriever, 100% Gentleman
He was strong, sensitive, calm, intelligent, and loyal. Never has a dog been so loved.

My Bria never failed to greet me when I came home. She wasn't a lap kitty, but she was always close by. In 19 years she never missed using her litter box and she had to smell everything I ate. Very loyal kitty!!

Leon - he would watch me go about me day with his deep brown eyes, at awe with the fact that he could be comfortable and loved after a previous life, where he wasn't given a second or a first thought. He was a sweet, gentle, albeit stubborn guy. I saw a t-shirt once that said "Your dog don't know sit!" Yeah, he didn't know sit and I loved him all the more for it as he stood alongside me.

January 17, 2006 - February 1, 2017
Max was a sweet, gentle, friendly dog. A lover not a fighter. He responded well to voice command, and enjoyed going everywhere his human went. He adored his human. When she was gone, he would get noticeably depressed. Now that Max is gone, his human misses him more than anything. RIP sweet Max.

Harley was my best friend and an integral part of our family for the last 12 years. His clumsy, happy-go-lucky demeanor earned him the nickname "Doofy", but his heart was so gentle and loving. From the first day we brought you home, you've left pawprints on our hearts and lives. Run free, buddy. Forever in our hearts...

Ein lived fast and loud, zooming around everywhere and making new friends. He was feisty, playful and hilarious. He will leave an empty spot in our hearts for a long time to come.

Here is our Osa bear. She was loved, she will be missed!

We adopted Daisy in Chicago where she was found living on the streets. She was our first baby and we picked her up the day we got back from our honeymoon which was days after 9/11. Daisy taught us so much about ourselves and helped us grow as a family. She made us laugh and was always there for us. We love and miss you Daisy.

We got Sarge the very first day we got back from our honeymoon. I wanted a snuggly lap cat and my husband wanted a "feisty" kitty to play with. My husband won :) Sarge loved adventure and his spunky spirit brought so much joy into our home.

Hugo & Abby
Hugo and Abby were my best friends. Always smiling, always together, and always there for me. They are now running in the endless fields of the puppy afterlife. They will be forever missed.

Copper Lee Sonic Boom (Boomer)
Boomer spent his days enjoying life and was a loving heartbeat at our feet at the end each day. His passing has left a corgi sized hole in our hearts. He was truly the dog in the quote below.

He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.
- Author Unknown

Thor Bear

Thank you for your generous help with Maya. It was such a comfort to have you into our home to assist with this very difficult time. It was invaluable. Maya was such a gentle and hungry little girl. She will be missed!

Sam Graham
You rummaged our trash cans, ate unspeakable pounds of pears from the tree out back, shed millions of hairs, and licked my face every night before sleep. Thought we saved you but you saved us. What a fantastic adventure we had. Love you buddy

Maggie was our sweet, kind, little girl of 16 yrs that everyone LOVED and she LOVED everyone. Not a bad bone in her body. She loved to play ball until her little 4 legged brother, Harley came to live with us. He pretty much took over the ball. She loved her nightly treats. WE WILL MISS YOU SO MUCH MAGGIE

You put smiles on our faces everyday for 15 years. You were there for us through thick and thin. Jim was inspected every evening to make sure there were no office dogs you had to deal with. You had the amazing ability to find the exact center of any bed or couch that came your way.Rest in peace Bellaboo. Melissa and Jim Thomssen

Rae was a great dog and a great friend. We will always love him.

Hank was the protector of the home from the moment he showed up for my Christmas present at 5 weeks old.He never failed to greet me at the gate when I came home from the bus stop, He was smart. He figured out how to open the back door to come inside! To his very last second he wanted to be with me. Guard dog on earth, guardian angel in Heaven.

Jasper was a wonderful family member that will be missed dearly. His last 4.5 years he lived like a king and that gives us some solace. See you at Rainbow Bridge dear boy!

Shelby McCoy
(2001 - Oct 12, 2016)
Our fetchaholic lab. Kimberly still misses sharing her popcorn with you. We all miss your walks and your barks when it was time to eat.We thank you for just laying down and enduring when the pit bull attacked you instead of us.. We wish you an eternity of never-ending happiness and hope to be with you again someday. With love

Moto was an amazing companion, who even after 5 years of being the baby adapted and loved the kids we had with all his heart. He made sure we knew they were protected. He loved to swim, fetch sticks and play tug of war. We couldn't have asked for a better companion. Thank you Moto for the amazing 11 years you gave us

Here is a photo of our 19 year old cat, Champagne, aka Sister. Thank you for helping us say goodbye to her in a loving way. We appreciate it!

She is greatly missed by everyone but she leaves behind a wonderful legacy and is probably being spoiled by my grandmothers in heaven. Here are some of the many pictures of her from throughout the years and again thank you so much, you have a huge heart to do what you do!

Thank you for making my dog comfortable in his final moments. He was very smart and gentle. The thing I loved most was how he would look you right in the eyes when we spoke to him. You could ask for a smile, a kiss, or to get a toy and he would do it. Or just when you needed someone to talk to, he was always there and you just knew he understood what you you meant and how you were feeling. He loved birthdays and Christmas and would help unwrap gifts, being ever so gentle, never damaging the contents inside. He was my best friend and was always happy to be by my side.

Dear Laura,

Thank you for the sweet card.

While losing my best friend Jake was one of the hardest days of my life I am so thankful that Gentle Goodbyes was there. It was a beautiful day and I know that Jake was at peace with it. I miss him dearly but am so thankful for the years I had as his mom.

My Taz was my best buddy for 13 + years . He has now went to heaven and I'm sure he's chasing the kitties there and having a great time. Thanks to gentle goodbyes for making his transition such a smooth and peaceful one for him and me.

Thank you for coming into my life. I love you so much Stanny. Go find Bear and Bailey and have fun. Come back to be with me. I will always love and take good care of you. XO