2022 Memorials

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Goodbyes, came into our home last year (July 2022) to help us put our beloved Gunner to rest.
Gunner was a rescue Boxer; we found him after we said "Goodbye" to our first Boxer, Joey.
Gunner was such a good boy! Unfortunately, he started losing strength in his back legs (diagnosed with DM). He was really struggling and was not his happy self much anymore.
Gentle Goodbyes was so comforting and respectful as we cried over our furry boy, in the comfort of our living room. Saying goodbye was so difficult and sad, but knowing he would be relieved of his pain was some solace for us.
Thank you for your caring support during such a painful time. We appreciate you all at Gentle Goodbyes.


Our sweet Izzie bear crossed the rainbow bridge on November 25, 2022. just two weeks shy of her sweet sixteen. she wasn't born into our family, but when she finally found her way to us on March 21, 2014 we knew that she was finally home. we love Izzie so much and she always returned that love. though it is hard that she is no longer her with us, we know that she is no longer in pain and running free with her brother, Dodger, and her Grandpa and Pop Pop. we love you Izzie bizzie fizzie wizzie kizzie. we love you so so much.


Despite the reasoning we needed gentle goodbyes was not ideal.. our experience was made easier because of the amazing ladies.


We miss her so much but enjoyed 15 wonderful years with her. Thank you for helping us through such a hard time, but it helped being able to surround her with love at home as we said goodbye. She was at peace.
Abby joined our family in October of 2007. She was an Australian Shepherd, Blue Heeler mix. She was beautiful, smart, loyal and the best companion we could have asked for. She watched over and protected our two kiddos like they were her own. Abby loved camping, the water, the cabin, morning runs with dad, and lots of treats. She was the best to snuggle with. She loved a good car ride and in her younger days, could chase the ball for hours. There isn't a day that goes by that our hearts don't ache. We miss her dearly. Abby we hope you are chasing sticks and playing with your bud Moxley up in the clouds! Run free girl, you were everything to us. Thank you for your endless love. We'll miss you forever.


Milla was our beloved, beautiful Rhodesian ridgeback. We lost her to illness this year. She was almost 11 years old. Milla was a spunky, loveable, cuddly dog. She loved the sun and loved to lay outside and sunbathe. I love how majestic she looked in the sun. Inside the house, you could find her in in whatever room the sun was shining into at the time. In the winter, she used to jump up into our bed and nose dive her way under the covers, where she would stay all night. She always loved to sleep with a blanket on top of her. She loved going for walks, eating watermelon, and being my co-worker since I work from home. She was my little shadow. We miss Milla every day. We miss her sweet face, her tail wags, and the way she loved us so much. She is our angel watching over us.


Jake A Hound was adopted from a scary LA shelter in 2007 and taught us how to be dog parents. He survived the giant doxie back surgery, was his sister Kaia's BFF, enjoyed so many adventures from hiking the Hollywood Hills to beach days to so many doxie meetups. He was the best brother to many foster siblings. Besides eating he loved meeting other dachshunds (I can relate ). At 17 1/2 his little body was exhausted from dementia and the joy of life had escaped him. We said goodbye at home with his little family in front of the fireplace. It's been my joy and honor to be Jake's momma. God bless Jake

Lucy and Odin


Alleluia (Lulu) came to her 3rd owners as a gift from their dear long-time hairdresser prior to our 50th Wedding Anniversary. Arriving on a "trial" basis awaiting Papa's approval, it was on the third day that he suggested she would be needing a comb. Mama's prayed for lap dog had become his Princess! She was a loving, nearly barkless cuddler...a peace instigator with a sense of empathy who brought us unending JOY! Much gratitude to Kim then Ingrid for generously pouring into such a special girl who blessed us beyond measure. She was a comfort in the years following Papa's passing. At age 17, it was time to send her to be with him in Heaven. We love you precious Lulu.


Our, aptly named, Buddy was just that. He was our best buddy, and a beloved member of our family. He was filled with unconditional love and cheery, excited greetings for everyone. He loved getting pets, going on walks and doing one, or all, of his tricks in order to get a treat. We will miss you more than words can ever say Lil' Buddy. We will always love you and hold you within our hearts and memories. Thank you Gentle Goodbyes for making the hardest decision we've ever had to make a little easier.


Daisy was affectionately known as the Diva for making sure she was the center of attention in all situations. Her favorite activity was going for walks and playing hide and seek from mommy in the woods.



Bo loved to play with his squeaky red ball. Never was the ball very far from him.


My little Love Pup "Zena" came into my life in 2006. Gave me 16 1/2 years of joy and 5 puppies. I kept 2. She was very smart, loved everyone and the best momma to her pups! I gave her the best life and Zena showed me love, affection and devotion. December 18, 2022 she left the earth due to health issues. I will see her again someday, along with her son Uno.
Thank you Gentle Goodbyes for making Zena's stairway to heaven transition easier on us both. She passed away peacefully in my arms at home!


Our girl Sasha left us to cross over the rainbow bridge Tuesday December 20, 2022. She was almost 20 years old.

We got this beautiful little girl at 6 weeks from a barn in Middleton, ID. She came just for a "visit". While visiting, my son and I took her to the backyard to use the bathroom and she took off. Let me tell you, she was fast! It wasn't until she dove into a gopher hole I was able to grab her tail and pull her back to safety. That had to have been at least 8 of her 9 lives?

We couldn't let her go back to that barn after that! She was the sweetest, loving girl. Always ready to snuggle, and be scratched. She would purr and reach out for loves. She will be missed every single day! I know she is pain free, but it's not the same without her! Thank you Gentle Goodbyes for making her transition easier.


We said goodbye to our baby girl, Sophie, on December 19, 2022. She was 14 yrs old and we adopted her when she was 8 yrs old. We were taken by surprise by her sudden cognitive and physical decline and didn't know what to do after failed nonpharmacological and pharmacological treatment efforts. A coworker recommended Gentle Goodbyes and the vet assigned to our case handled our challenging decision with care. While it's still hard to believe she's gone, Sophie will always be remembered as our "baby girl".


This beautiful girl we named Miss Meowgi, came to us almost 11 yrs ago by a stray cat that had found her way into my bedroom closet to have her babies.

My Sheltie kept taking her outside as a kitten and leaving her by our shed. We figured it was a sign to keep her. ?


Sassy was a sweet, beautiful, loving companion! She loved going for walks, chasing the squirrels and fetching her stuffed frog or a tennis ball. A constant companion for my wife, she would curl up to her, on the couch, butt to butt, and would stay by her side for hours. She would guard the house, but was an actual love bug when it came to people. We miss her dearly!


Thank you for being there for me to help Tegan cross the rainbow bridge. It was a very sad day, but she was able to die with dignity and love. I created this video that includes the songs we were listening to as she crossed the bridge. Thank you for this service. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6uB7XTrR2Y


Our dear Molly will never be forgotten. She has been a member of our family since a pup from 2009 and loved her entire family and friends. Furthermore she loved traveling, camping and anyone that would meet her and give her some love.

However, there was one item that she really could not resist, and that was her red frisbee. She would run and jump to catch her favorite red disk and her short stubby tail would not wag fast enough. She would also love her rare treats of ice-cream on those special occasions. Molly was and is an amazing dog and will be missed very much. RIP our beautiful little girl.


My sweet girl Cricket who gave me 15 years of love and companionship. She will always be in my heart.



Simon loved his owners Wes and Judy, he was trained at the prison and his favorite thing to do was play in the water


Calvin was such a mischievous kitten, always in trouble. As an adult he was quite the hunter bring us something to eat almost daily! As an older gentleman he always wanted to touch or to be touched. He was deeply loved and will be greatly missed.


"On Tuesday November 8, 2022, the LaFortes said goodbye to the most wonderful gentlest friendliest hungriest brownest chocolate lab, Brunello, at home on his bed. 13 years have passed since he arrived on Christmas of 2009 (born 9/28/09), when our kids were still kids, from Seattle to Boise (which high desert heat he loved) with the last 19 months fighting cancer...he was a true best friend. Our house will be quieter and less complete without him.


Sister, my girl, you brought 16 years of security for me on dark days. Laughs on the brightest days and unconditional love everyday. Our hearts left with a missing piece, but you'll never be forgotten. Love you baby girl! I miss you so much already.


Had to say good bye to my special girl Chevy. You came to us needing a safe restful m place to give and get love. It wasn't long enough but you made an impact in our lives. You will forever live in our hearts. Run free. And pain free.


Libby loved anything outdoors. Her favorite outdoor activity was snow, her first couple years of life we lived in MT and she learned to go faster when chasing bunnies by hopping. This wonderful girl could make anyone feel grateful to live a full life. She enjoyed taking her food out to the backyard while she waited for squirrels to be chased. She would dance slowly in the mornings to celebrate waking up with her people, and dance fast to play with food, toys, or to just extend the joy of all the love she received.

She was as equally sassy as she was sweet. Those tiny legs hiked + walked more miles in 13 years than the average human does in 26 years. She got to travel all over and see many spectacular things. Camping and traveling in Banff is probably our favorite. She believed almost everyone was an automatic friend until proven otherwise. She could teach anyone a thing or two about humanity. Although she is missed terribly; her soul, her spirit is free, and her last moments with us were at complete peace.

Harley Dude Weir

Our special boy, Harley Dude Weir went to doggy heaven 3 weeks ago. This left a huge hole in our hearts, but we know he is up there wearing his red bandanna & shaking his dog tags to say hello to our family members who proceeded him. I picture him sitting at Jesus feet like he did with his dad here at home. We miss you Harley! Until we are once more together.??


We were beyond lucky to have Grace join our family on September 14, 2009 when she was around 16 weeks old. She came to us with the nickname "Super Dog" because of all she had overcome as a rescue puppy. Grace only wanted to make us happy and she was our best friend and kindest protector. She was such a good, smart dog--the best. She loved catching frisbees, laying on her back sunning her belly, being with her family, traveling to new places, and eating. Grace loved food, especially watermelon, popcorn, and peanut butter. She also loved everyone she met and let them know with her sweet face. Grace brought a happy energy to everything. Grace crossed the rainbow bridge on October 28, 2022. Thirteen years with her just doesn't feel like enough and we will miss her until we meet again.

Nally: loved by all who met her.
Nov. 7,2008 - Oct 15,2022
A beloved member of the Able family.
Nally was a very smart and gentle soul that was docile with not only people, but other animals as well. She loved a good nap, and was willing to let her humans use her body as a pillow. Nally loved to visit and swim in Redfish Lake. She had one of her back legs amputated later in her life, which did not slow her down. Nally was adventurous, she loved to go for walks, rides on a 4 wheeler, and drives in the truck. Her favorite thing on road trips with her dad was to have her own hotel bed to herself. She also had her own recliner chair in the house, that only she would occupy. She deserved to be spoiled, as she gave all of us so much unconditional love and joy.
She is dearly loved and missed.


Goodbye my sweet Katie girl ( Big Sky's Katie of the Ozarks) . You came into my life when you were 8 weeks old, a greatly anticipated and loved puppy,who quickly grew into a much loved big, gentle goofball. I miss you my sweet girl , but know you are running free of the seizures I could no longer control.
Katie McCulloch 6/15/2013 ~ 11/5/2022

Always by my side, always giving unconditional love...you will forever be Mommies dog! Until we meet again, we will always have you in our hearts!


Tobey, up front, finally joining his compadre, Louey, in the back.
Louey left us two years ago and Tobey, just last week. Both 15 years old when they did leave us.
Both missed greatly!


Laila began her life in Iowa almost 19 years ago. I'm including a picture of Laila when we travelled across country and stopped in Iowa; here she is by a cornfield. At eight weeks, she flew from Iowa to Portland, Oregon, where we lived at the time. She was so small but somehow became boss dog over our Labrador Retriever. Laila was a joyful being who loved life. She enjoyed doing anything that involved her people. Laila travelled across the country twice, spent time along both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and visited many states. She was fascinated by the various hotels we stayed in and was very fond of room service. She loved adventure, but she also loved just being home, napping on the couch on her favorite blanket (okay, she had three favorite blankets). Laila was a best friend who saw us through very difficult times. She always made us laugh with her antics. We miss her terribly.

Rusty Remington Tomber

Rusty Remington Tomber, was our $100 AKC clearance puppy. Last of his litter and 12 weeks old.
He was a big part of our family for 14 ½ years. Why we have a hole in our hearts, we still have our sweet memories of him.
Rusty not only raised 2 kids in his home, he raised neighbor kids that loved him too.
Those kids are all grown up now, but everyone took the time to say goodbye to him.
He had a double cheese burger and lots of extra loves in his last few days.
We have his son, Junior, to remind us everyday of him.
Thank You Gentle Goodbyes for coming to our home.
You made a difficult time, a lot easier for us all.

Miss Hazel

May 2007- October 27th, 2022

I remember seeing Miss Hazel May for the first time at IHS (Dorman location) , she was in the big playpen cage with the lid on top and was in there with her bonded for life 2 black panther house cats Rocky & Rumple. They immediately had my attention cause they were cuddled together, grooming each other & purring. Their information card had stated that their owner had to go into assisted living and sadly had to give up these 3 precious cats. I had imagined that these 3 were this lady's everything and were well taken care of. I decided that these 3 had to come home with me. They could not be seperated. Right off the bat , filling out adoption paperwork for 3 cats, getting them boxed up, Hazel May's tortietude shined bright, she had sawed down & across the cardbox she was in , got out & took off running down the hall!!! Thank goodness IHS was closed and all the doors were shut. I will never forget that, makes me smile and laugh to this day. I had 5 & half Years with you Hazel May. I miss hearing your quiet purring, seeing you groom and love your 2 black panther house cats, zooming out of the litterbox like you were racing. The last couple of years she had really sought me out for attention, pets and to be talked to . I miss you very much Hazie girl , your rapid decline hit me hard. Rocky and Rumple are missing you but are hanging in there. I will take care of them , so don't worry. Shine your Tortietude bright sweet girl. Thankyou to Gentle goodbyes for being so kind and understanding.

Meow Meow JR.

Meow Meow JR. He was 19.5 years old. A very sweet and lovable cat.


Mayzie was the sweetest, most gentle soul I have ever met and everyone who met her instantly fell in love with her. We by chance found her as a puppy who was dumped and so by chance we landed the best dog I have ever met. She was the tiniest sweetest little puppy and we had no clue what a gentle giant she would grow to become. She was always the happiest dog wagging her tail no matter what. Even through battling osteosarcoma she was always playful and wagging her tail until her last breath. Our family will always have a giant hole in our hearts from having to say goodbye to our baby girl. We are glad she is not in pain or suffering anymore and that at least gives us some peace. We love you forever and always Mayzie.

Kipu Ki

My fur baby Kipu Ki, I just called her Kipu. Her name is Tibetan and means Happy Dog. And she was a joyful, playful happy dog so she lived up to her name. She was my companion and shadow for 16 years. And I love her.


BeeGee was a my mother's Beloved and Faithful Companion for 14 yrs after the death of my father. She called him her little angel doggie and they were literally inseparable. She and BeeGee lived with us for 5 years before she had to move into a care home and I have had the pleasure of taking him on adventures he had never tried before such as paddleboarding and hiking. Everyone who met BeeGee loved hia spunky personality and enthusiasm and he loved everyone right back. He truly was and now actually is a little Angel Doggie.


Charlie was my sweet baby girl. All she wanted to do was Love, Swim, and go Backpacking with me. Everyone who ever got the grace of meeting her always said how calm and loving she was. She was truly my best friend.

Dally was a wonderful dog, she was loving and gentle. She will be missed dearly.
Thank you Gentle Goodbyes for making her last moments peaceful and special.❤️

Lily (aka Lily Bug)
Was born 2/9/07
Came into my life 5/26/07
Left my life 9/23/22 @ 6:28 pm
15 years almost 8 months

Lily had 2 favorite toys. Her toy that she played with at home was a "cuz" which was basically a ball with 2 feet and a squeaky made of Kong material. When she got those 2 feet in her mouth the only way you could get it back was IF she let you which was rare. She had that terrier grip on it and shake it back and forth so violently she was hitting herself in the face, but she didn't care. And that is why we only let her have it at the house because if she was running around in the schoolyard good luck catching her.
Her second favorite toy was what we called her binkie which was a training dummy we used to train our hunting dogs to retrieve. Lily however decided to take one for herself. She did not retrieve it, she would push it all over the field with her nose, it was amazing to watch how far she could actually push it without losing control over it, and she had unbelievable focus. And of course she had the most cute and enduring belly crawls. I had many years of these antics. She was young and vital.
But she slowed down.....No more interested in the cuz. No more binkies .No more belly crawls. As of last year her eyesight was failing but she could still kind of see you. Her hearing was pretty much gone. And even though it wasn't debilitating, she had arthritis in her back legs.
But then something started to happen. She started just wandering around, looking for something, looking lost. Staring at corners for long periods of time, or just staring out into nothing. Forgetting to let us know that she wanted to go out to relieve herself. It wasn't bad at first but it started to progress. We finally figured it out after reading about her symptoms. It was dementia. And like with people, she would have moments of clarity, then like a switch it would turn off. And for that reason the decision was so hard to come to terms with because physical pain is visible, you can it. But mental disability never dealt with before with my other dogs. Her world was getting smaller and smaller. Her quality of life in my opinion if I put myself in her place was not how I would want to live. I did not want to let her go. I knew that if it wasn't for the dementia she would still be here with me, but this was the hand I was dealt. It wasn't her body that gave out, it was her mind.
So I called Gentle Goodbyes and Laura the vet and Nancy the vet tech came to my home.
What made this encounter with Laura so unique was that I, my husband and Laura were all from Long Island, New York. Her father lived up the block from me. Her father had a dental practice right up the block from my husband and he and his friends would always sit on the fence outside the dentist office. So you may call it a weird coincidence, I believe that Jesus made this divine appointment to bring this situation full circle for me to give me peace.
Lily went to sleep with her head on my lap, my arm around her chest, bathed in my love.
I felt her heart stop at 6:28 pm, Friday September 23, 2022.
I miss you Lily Bug.
Your body may not be here, but your spirit is.
I will see you again someday.
Your mom


Missy is a one in a million dog. She is truly a loyal friend and our family will not be the same without her. As much as our hearts are breaking, thinking of you makes our hearts so happy.

Missy loves hunting birds, chasing the squirrels on the fence line, swimming in any body of water, going for walks, riding in the truck, fetching her beloved tennis ball, shaking her toys and greeting everyone at the door. She hates the UPS truck, or any delivery truck for that matter. She loathes getting her nails trimmed, being bathed and the hose because who knows why and she h-a-t-e-s cats. This girl loves her treats that she begs for all.day.long.

We felt Missy's love each and every day of her life and we hope that she felt ours. We will forever have a hole in our hearts without her. We can't wait to see you again old girl. Until then, we'll cherish our memories of and with you. You were and are a one in a million dog.

PS- who would have thought we would miss your shedding this much? Not us. But we do. So much.

Until next time Missy, Mrs, Miss, Mooer, Missy Moo Moo, Poon, Pooner, Poonie, Poon Poon, Punjab, Old dog, Missy girl.

We love you, Missy.


Aided by the kind souls from Gentle Goodbyes, Claire passed peacefully at home at 16 years of age.

Claire was quiet, intense, and sensitive, but tough when she needed to be. Her early years were spent as a working dog and a competitive trial dog, chasing sheep, cows, and whatever else needed chasing.
We had a great time with her for about nine years--running, traveling, mushroom hunting, backpacking, camping, you name it.

Claire even became an office dog for a while, which really helped her finally become socialized (she had a very difficult early life before we brought her into our home). She made a lot of new human and office dog friends, became more trusting, and endeared herself to everyone.

Claire stole the heart of almost everyone who met her, with those big buggy eyes and fairy dog sweetness. And if she gave you her paw, you knew you had connected with her forever.

Thank you, Claire, for your remarkable unconditional love and friendship.

Sweet Sylvie
RIP, little kitty
Now you can jump like a cougar and run like a cheetah ...
We love you with our whole hearts

We had a kitty who became extremely disabled very quickly. We knew we couldn't let her live like that, not even for a day, as she was terrified and in severe pain and couldn't move much at all. I called Gentle Goodbyes, talked to the receptionist and within an hour Dr. Laura Lefkowitz called and was here within 4 hours of receiving our info. She was gentle with our kitty and so respectful of our overwhelming grief. We were with our little girl until the very end. The last thing she knew was our love, reassuring touches, whispered words and kisses. The doctor turned what could have been a horrible tragedy into something that brought us peace, knowing our baby was not scared or in pain as she left this earth. Thank you for providing an important service at a time when it was most needed.

Tokka Patrice Tatsu

Tokka Patrice Tatsu was my first dog. I could not have asked for a more perfect fur baby! She was such a sweet girl. She fought strong during her battle with cancer for over a year. we are so proud of her! We miss her every day since she left us. I know she is happy now with her best friend Zeke looking down at us. We love you Tokka!


Thank you for being there during a difficult decision I had to make. I love the fact you come to peoples houses, and I can't thank you enough for that! The wooden urn turned out beautiful, and I feel this sense of relief and closure I needed. Chloe will always be in my heart until the day I see her again. ❤️❤️


The Rogers family thanks you for helping us with our loving Alaskan Malamute Sakari. She was part of our family for 13 great years, she was the runt of the litter but she was full of spirit. Her name means "SWEETY" and she was the sweetest dog to all. We will miss her but with your help we know she is know longer tired and in pain. Thank you again during this difficult time.


Abby was a beautiful and blessed addition to our family. From the moment we met her we fell in love. We knew she was a gift from the second she looked at us. She gave us her loyalty, companionship and unconditional love. What a perfect creature to come into our lives. Always meeting us at the door with love and grateful anticipation of our return. Her gentle nature and willingness to please will always be remembered. We will miss her forever, she was a special dog, we have known and loved many dogs but she was the best of them. Her last soft licks of love before she left us will be remember in our hearts. Sleep well our precious Abby until God brings us together again.

"Our Sweet Little Wills"

We love and miss you so much. Laying you to rest has been one of the toughest things we have done. You got us through a very difficult decade and for that we are eternally grateful. Our home will never feel the same without you here to "regulate " and boss your brother Waylon around. :) We love you and thank you for your unconditional love. See you heaven, Mom, Dad and Waylon.

Molly Flynn, the Bearded Lady: 10-5-2007 to 9-5-2022

Molly came to us at age five after being rescued from a negligent situation by her breeder. She was a purebred pudelpointer with a fancy pedigree, even though she looked like a Wookie. From the moment we met her, Molly brightened our lives with her boundless affection, her gentle kindness, and her goofy wisdom. For us she was the perfect dog and we are so fortunate to have had so many wonderful years with her - and so grateful to Gentle Goodbyes for making her passage so peaceful. RIP, sweet Molly.


We took Ozzy in from an abusive household and despite all that he had gone through he was still the sweet, kind, caring boy we knew and loved. He could have turned out to be a mean and bitter little guy but not our Ozzy, all he ever wanted was the love and care he deserved and boy did he get it! We'll love and miss him forever, he'll always be our boy "the boi".


Our dear, sweet Sophie. We will love you & miss you forever and always. Until we meet again, our oh, so pretty girl. Rest in peace, Sophie. 2009-2022 ❤️?❤️?

She wasn't into Frisbee but loved the doggie parks.
Just watching as she frolicked endured her to our hearts.
She had a Hound Dog Holler, she'd greet each dog that way,
To let them know she had arrived inviting them to play.
And in her own sweet gentle way she made friends of man and beast,
She simply loved to meet and greet - and with that we were quite pleased.

She was so very special; an adorable little goofball who, for more than 10 years, and the thousands of miles we walked together she, gave us all a little more joy, a little more fun and a ton of puppy love whenever our paws crossed. She will always hold a very special place in our hearts, and we will continue to miss her more than words can express!

But ya know, our imagination likes to think of her as joining that exclusive club that meets every day at the 'ol ? Rainbow Bridge; and I'm pretty sure the Loomis Doggie/Kitty welcoming committee was waiting for her as she stepped over to the other side. ?

We Love you Ruthie!


Zoey was a pound rescue from Orange County California. She was 2 when we adopted her. She was 15 when she passed away. In between, she lived a great life in 2 states, California and Idaho. She loved a god adventure, traveling to 6 states in her lifetime. Always a "daddy's girl", she loved her human family of 4. The words gentle, loving, loyal and funny come to mind when describing her. She loved to use her lab nose to smell everything. We miss her deeply.


Gracie gave 14 years of happiness love, security and dedication to our family. Gracie was a spirited lab that loved the pool and played with many grandchildren and family as often as possible. She patrolled the backyard keeping the family safe and even rescued her best friend Stanley when he got out.
She sat patiently and gave her heart while our son Lee battled cancer. Gracie grew tired from her heroic life and now will rest with the best of our family. She will forever be missed and kept in our memories as one of the most loving animals ever.


Our daughter rescued Charlie-Pants from a Michigan shelter in 2007. It was thought he might have been 2+ years old. Charlie-Pants spent 8 wonderful, fun filled years living in SD and going to USD with our daughter. Charlie-Pants made many friends there with her students. He always had a party going on in his head. Charlie-Pants showed off his tricks at Petco Park and was featured on their jumbo-tron. We "borrowed" Charlie-Pants 9 years ago and he has traveled in many directions with us. He enjoyed summer tubing down the river but was sad when favorite ball was swept away by the currents. Charlie-Pants loved everybody (especially my husband) and everything.....He was clever enough to find his hidden toys or treats. He was very food motivated. He once jumped onto a couch, up through a pass- through, onto a kitchen cupboard just to eat a pan full of scrambled eggs) besides that he was a sweet cuddle bug... plus Charlie-Pants was so gentle with our cats. Our time with Charlie-Pants went by much too fast. I trust he is no longer in pain and that he is playing in fields of green with all our furry babies who have gone before him. Love you always and forever, sweet Charlie-Pants.


Rowdy was one of the most gentle souls ever. He came to us as a stray when he was about 5 months old and he lived his life to the fullest for the last 14 years as a part of the family. Some would say he was a little spoiled . He loved car rides, camping, walks, riding on the back of the four wheeler , digging in the sand and finding a cool spot to lay, and just doing dog things. He got along great with other dogs , and when he was younger, he loved doggie daycare and the staff adored him , even when he would open the doors and let out all of the other dogs into the front office. He was a very finicky eater, loved to play with his fur nephews , and loved stuffed animals. He was very fast, and if he had an opportunity to slip out of the collar or off leash, and run, he did! As his eyes started to turn milky and his face turned grey, and the naps got longer, it was hard , but knowing that he had a wonderful life was comforting. He loved sleeping in his "den" aka , the master closet. He had lots of blankets and a couple of beds to make that HIS room. The day we said goodbye was one of the most heartbreaking , saddest days , but knowing he was no longer in pain brought us peace. It's always so hard to let a part of your family go, but their memory will always be with us. May he rest in peace and enjoy a new, happy , healthy , life over the Rainbow Bridge running free with all of the other angels.


Our precious Allie girl. I rescued Allie when she was 2 years old. Let's be honest though, she really is the one who rescued me. I guess we'd both had a rough couple of years. She was on the streets of Juarez Mexico and was so badly matted that it took them 2 tries at shaving and multiple baths. I had just gotten out of a horrible traumatic relationship. I walked into the rescue, and there she was, a cute scampering sweetheart, her floppy ears and big brown eyes all aglow. She had my heart and she helped heal my brokenness. Allie was my co-pilot for 5 years, just her and I taking on hikes, car rides and frozen yogurt with a vigor and happiness that was out of this world. We then met my now husband and we got to experience 7 years more of the best love and companionship. She was the "Bo to your Peep", as my husband says. She was always by my side, no matter where I was, Allie was right there. We miss her terribly and just hope she's got her 4-wheel drive on and is once again hiking those awesome trails she always adored. We love you so much Allie. Love, Mom & Dad


Our little Mose was transferred into our local Idaho shelter after being found as a stray in east bay San Francisco. We decided to foster him and quickly decided that he was meant to be permanently in our home and we happily adopted him. We didn't know how old he was, other than a "senior." Even with being a senior, he never seemed to know that and he quickly took charge of the house. He loved being held in his Mama's arms, stealing socks, pawing at his Papa's feet, yelling at the world, cruising the yard, eating expensive treats and getting belly rubs. Our hearts ache with how much we miss him but we are so grateful we got to spoil and love him for the short five wonderful years we were graced with. We love you Mosey.


When I got Mimsy I thought I was just getting a pet but she became more than that. She helped me through some of the worst times of my life and we protected each other. We started out in Washington state went from there to Texas and then ended up here in Idaho. She would have been 15 in November and I got her when she was only about 3 months old. She was quite the snuggler, loved to be brushed, have her tummy rubbed, and play with her toys. She had a personality the size of a giant. I would always wink at her and before I knew it, she started winking back at me. After going through divorce and homelessness as well as several other traumatic incidences she became my ESA. I will never be able to replace her but I want to thank Gentle Goodbyes for helping me give her the ending that she deserved.

Deetz aka Deetzer, Deetz

Deetz aka Deetzer, Deetz dog, and Pup! He was the most loyal and loving dog. He loved to go for rides, chase his ball and catch frisbees. He just wanted to be by our side and would forsake himself for anyone of us and was this way right to the end. We love and miss him so much, run free sweet boy!


Ginger was a beautiful girl. We found her in a box at a grocery store. She brought much joy to our home for 17 years. We miss her terribly and all her little quirks❣️


Thank you again for taking care of my sweet boy Jake!

I wish I could take you on one last walk, one last swim, and give you one more hug! Jake you were the best dog any human could ever ask for and we will never forget you! I love you my sweet boy!❤️


Abby was such a good girl. When we found her she needed us and we needed her. When you were sad she always knew when to put her chin on your lap and she would hug you as long as you needed a hug. She didn't know very many tricks but she could shake like no other dog. She was a simple dog, she just liked being around her family and eating! We are so grateful for the time we had with her and Abby will forever be missed.


Nikki was one of 12 puppies born 2008 to retired K9 Officer Bella and K9 Officer Bear, both from Orange County law enforcement agencies.
Nikki decided he did not want to follow in mom and dad's footsteps in law enforcement. Instead, he became our family protector and best friend for 14 years.
He did not like to play with sticks and balls, but was an alert guardian of our persons, property and home. Typical of Shepherds!
We loved him and will miss him terribly. His ashes will be spread in our back year along the lake that he enjoyed.


Mia was such a wonderful girl. She loved spa day full of brushing, belly rubs and nails.
Missing her everyday .
Thank you for helping to make her passing as peaceful as possible.


Gentle Goodbyes put our little Albert to sleep 7/24/2022. They were so compassionate and kind to Albert. Albert was a comical and funny little guy we are going to miss him so much and look forward to being with him again one day. Bye for now Albert. We loved you so much.


We found her by the side of a business driveway as a kitten. She was our poster baby on Christmas cards. Though she had a naughty streak like most orange cats, she was always our Princess, loved and spoiled for nineteen years. Missing her like crazy but always in our hearts. See you later, Tedi.


Thank you so much for the kind note and card! We truly appreciate. The doctor and technician were very gentle and kind and it helped knowing they cared about Tobie. I am so thankful you offer this service as he hated the vet and am so glad he could be in my lap at home.


Ranger was with us for over 21 years after we adopted him from Anchorage Animal Care and Control, Alaska. He loved travelling and camping with us in the RV and visited all over Alaska, Yukon, British Columbia, Alberta and the lower 48 States. He was the sweetest, most gentle buddy. He helped raised 2 Australian Cattle Dogs and a Hunt Terrier, teaching them to respect kitty cat business! He will be missed by us all.

Layla Eberhart

Layla Eberhart crossed the rainbow bridge on Thursday, July 14 due to complications with lymphoma. With the assistance of Gentle Goodbyes, she slipped away peacefully at home in the lap of her doting mother.

Layla was adopted from Humane PA in Reading, PA on January 5, 2018. "It was love at first sight," stated her mother, Candy Eberhart. Humane PA shared a post on Facebook with a female Siamese cat that came to the shelter as a stray. The shelter named her Buffy. "I saw the post during my lunch break and knew right away I wanted to give her a home," recalls Candy. Candy went to her manager and requested the afternoon off. Thankfully, her manager approved and Buffy, who was renamed Layla, found her furever home in Plymouth Meeting, PA.

Layla enjoyed chirping at birds and squirrels out of the kitchen window of her home. She was devoted to greeting her mother when she entered the home and ensured to always say goodbye from the top of the stairs when her mother left. So routinely in fact, that one day when Layla did not greet her mother, her mother panicked. "I searched everywhere. Every drawer, closet and cabinet. I was hysterical trying to find her and had convinced myself someone kidnapped her," chuckled Candy. Layla was later found hiding under the covers of her mother's bed.

Layla enjoyed staying with her Aunt Heather Eberhart Haitz, Uncle Phil, and cousins Maddie and Hannah while her mother vacationed. Unfortunately after staying with them, Layla decided to remove her Uncle Phil from the will as he would bark at her when she attempted to sleep in bed with him.

At the peak of the 2020 Toilet Paper Outage, Layla, along with her mother, moved in with her grandparents, John Eberhart and Diane Eberhart. During the few months of her stay, she enjoyed the enclosed porch with her Grandmom and a window shelf that was specially made by her PopPop.

In August 2020, Layla embarked on a cross country move with her mother and PopPop. She was sure to voice her discontent with the car ride for the first day and a half, but after that she enjoyed lap naps and occasionally watching the world go by from a window. She was happy to explore each hotel room at the end of a day's ride.

After 5 days and 5 nights on the road, she arrived at her new home in Boise, ID. Layla always made sure her mom wasn't working too hard in their new home by laying on the keyboard and sitting in front of the monitor.

While in Boise, she became a big sister. At first, she was unsure of her feline brother, Kingston. She was sure to teach her brother boundaries with a hiss or gentle swat. Overtime she warmed up to being a big sister and could be found laying next to Kingston and, at times, enjoyed a chase from him.

A year later, the feline duo welcomed their canine brother, Brodie, to the home. Layla was unfazed by Brodie's presence in the home. She enjoyed sneaking a kibble or two from his bowl and sharing his water bowl.

Layla was a beautiful, friendly cat that never bit or scratched a human. She enjoyed sticking her paw in mom's cereal bowl and glass of water. She would come out from any room in the home if she heard the cracking of ice from the tray, and excitingly wait for a cube or two in her water. She could roll in catnip on her cardboard scratcher day in and day out. She never had a chance to catch the red dot. Her habit of "making biscuits" will be sorely missed. Her family is glad to know that she's happily chasing mice somewhere, and no longer in pain.

Layla's last wish was for pet parents everywhere to spend a little extra time loving their babies. Let them lick your bowl, spend 5 more minutes playing, let them cuddle with you a little longer.

If you'd like to honor Layla's life, please consider donating to your local animal shelter. I can't think of a better way to celebrate her life than helping another furry, scaley, feathered friend find a second chance.


We valued the service of you coming to our home. We miss our Sugar. We adopted her after her owner of 10 years surrendered her. It was a great four years with her.

July 13th 2013 - July 13th 2022.

Harper was the loudest and most loving girl to ever exist. She had gotten us through many tough times in her life. Our family is grateful she was brave enough to stick by our side through it all.

She is survived by her Parents Nel & Mike. Her brother Roswell & sister Stevie.
Aunties Megan, Rachael & Taylor and Uncle Dalton.
Her best friends Alby & Nicki.

In leu of flowers, we invite you to donate to the Roo Foundation for treatment for pets with cancer. "

Goodbye KC.
You were the sweetest, snuggliest, happiest, friendliest little guy and you were so loved by all of us... as well as everyone who encountered you!
Thank you for giving us 16 1/2 beautiful years. We look forward to reuniting with you someday.

I miss my turtle boy so much! The doctor that came out and helped with turtle was amazing and kind. He loved on turtle like his own. I'm forever grateful for him helping me out and putting turtle to rest so he wasn't in pain anymore. Thank you so much gentle goodbyes.


We rescued Bentley as a little malnourished, mistreated puppy of 4 months old. He was quite funny looking at first however he grew into a beautiful, energetic, sweet boy. He would eat anything he could get his little teeth on and hated to be confined. When on walks, he would fiercely protect us from all other dogs much larger than he was (he didn't know he was little). He was our sweet, loving, loyal, precious boy and we miss him terribly.


Dear sweet Emma- you brought such joy to our family for these many years. We loved watching you play with Oliver, stretch out in sunbeams, and speak with those adorable silent meows. Thank you for loving us as much as we loved you.


9 years just wasn't enough. We loved every minute with our beloved Halo and truly feel blessed to have had her. She gave unconditional, enthusiastic love to all of us and we will miss and love her always.


I got 4,552 days with my best boy. Hugo was found when his first family moved and left him behind at 8 months old. At 10 months, I went to an adoption event, just to look. I had just graduated from college and missed my childhood dog. As the Petsmart doors parted, I locked eyes with this boy and knew instantly we were meant to be.

He saw me through another 12 years of life-- complicated family issues, meeting my husband, the birth of my son, the death of my mother, and 4 lost pregnancies. He became the family dog. We moved a whopping 10 times. He was my furry rock and life without him just didn't seem possible. Making the decision to let him go was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, but I owed it to him to not let him suffer. He was old and tired and needed rest. As much as I didn't want to let him go, he fulfilled his purpose as man's best friend with eagerness until his very last breath.

When we remember Hugo, it will be with a very specific chuckit ball in his mouth (if it smelled like somebody else, forget it!), splashing in the waves of the Puget Sound or the Pacific Ocean, running as fast as his legs could carry him on the beach, or shyly walking into the room with a humble head bow and wagging tail, asking for loves. He was the very best dog and the void he has left feels deep and quiet.

We are so grateful to Gently Goodbyes for offering him a peaceful parting at home on his favorite bed, in his spot in front of the fireplace, surrounded with love. Rest well, Hugo. We'll love you forever and ever.


Our big baby, Cassie. She was such a gentle soul and constant companion for 12 years. Run pain free on the other side Cassie Girl


Thank you so much for your thoughts and consideration throughout this process of saying goodbye. Koby was as touch as nails, until he wasn't. What a great addition he was to our family. For 12 years of his life, I know he was loved. I know he's at peace which he so deserved. He fought off many intruders, like ups truck, the mail man.. fed ex and many more threats to our safety?Test I'm peace little Koby. We love and miss you so so much.


We had almost 17 years with this sweet baby, hoping you can see the flowers again and run with Cassie

Halo Herndon
Over thirteen years ago, I drove a kitten as white as snow home on the first day of snow. On Sunday, June 5, 2022 Halo crossed over the rainbow bridge after his diagnosis of cancer and sudden physical decline.

Halo was born deaf and would respond to certain hand symbols. He loved water and supervised trips outside. He also loved watching animated movies. He helped me through the most difficult times in my life and then Gentle Goodbyes helped him let go of his pain at home, with dignity, snug in his bed...


Hunter loved the bear

We picked up our little black lab puppy on Valentines Day over 13 years ago. My husband wanted to call him Willy, his official name was Whiskeytown Willy and he loved to go swimming in nearby Whiskeytown Lake. Retrieving ducks was his favorite pass time. He also enjoyed chewing up little pine cones and hiking as long as there were creeks nearby.
We miss him so much, he gave us so much.


Tanna -
You were the best dog, the best companion, the best friend. In the short 13 years you were on this earth, you provided more love and fun and laughs than we thought possible. We miss you. The house just isn't the same without you.

Kauai Heuer

Kauai Heuer was an amazing girl. She was smart, loving, intelligent and my precious friend. Kauai loved everyone and dogs too. Watching her play and have fun was a joy I'll always hold in my heart❤️ ?
Kauai will be so very missed and I look forward to seeing her again across the Rainbow ? Bridge
Gentle Goodbyes were wonderful.
Dr. and his assistant were kind, compassionate, gentle and very caring of my precious Kauai. Thanks so very much.


Brody might have been born in Alabama but was destined to live a life and grow a family here in Boise. Rescued from the streets Christmas 2011 with heartworms and neglect, Brody is probably the best "gotcha day" story I will ever have. My friend was able to catch him and called me up one day. Afraid and unsure, when I arrived in the room Brody curled in my lap. We could never find his owners or his story. From that day on, for the next 10+ years Brody and I were inseparable. In fact, I had just met my now husband when Brody came into our lives. He took a job shortly after in Boise. We followed in 2013 with Brody's roadtrip of his lifetime. He had SO many adventures including riding in the back of Cessnas in backcountry trips and cooling off in mtn lakes. Brody was always the most frisky, even in his late cancer days, in the snow. I am quite certain the May snow storm came for him for a reason this year...one last frolic. Nothing could have prepared him for the adventures that started in 2017 when he became a big brother and in 2019 when we welcomed another sister. The love and patience he shared raising his siblings was a gift. He shared tents, countless, countless walks and family snuggles. His presence is missed every moment but his memory will never be forgotten. He now hangs in a massive painting I already had underway of the sawtooths in Stanley. I have him in the bottom corner running through the flowers, just as he should be.

THANK YOU GUYS for coming through at what was a stressful time at the end. The patience and understanding you showed means the world to me.

Mr. White Cat

Yesterday, after 22 years earth-side, Mr. White Cat passed away. I've had him for more than half my life now, first with my dad and Jamie at our house on Catalina Ave, where we brought him home as a tiny white kitty with a gray nose. Then when Pop moved to Thailand, Mr. White Cat came to live with Will and I in San Diego, where we hid him from the landlord like a secret. And then to Boise, where he roamed his backyard kingdom for years, loved every animal that has lived in our home, and has been affectionate and kind to each of the kids since the day they were born. He never grew out of his irritating need to needle his paws into your belly while trying to sit on your lap, or rub his wet nose against anyone trying to pet him.

He had been declining for a while now, but it hit the tipping point and it became clear we needed to put him to sleep. He had been seizing, incontintent, couldn't groom himself, was unable to walk or eat any more. A lovely vet and tech from Gentle Goodbyes came out to our house, where we sat with him in the garden, and gently and tenderly shepherded him out of this life. We all said our goodbyes, and told him what he meant to us. Liam collected every picture we had of him, Maddie sang him songs. Then the vet wrapped him in a blanket and carried his body away, and we will get his ashes back to plant or sprinkle somewhere on the garden. Hopefully somewhere he used to love to sunbathe.

We will miss you Mr. White Cat. ❤️?


Jack was a story of "How much is that doggy in the window?"

We found him in a playpen outside of a Petco wearing a cast on his leg and just adorable as can be. He had been rescued at 3 months old from owners who threw him down the stairs. Many casts and an external fixator later, he grew to be a best friend.

He loved nothing more than laying in the sun, daily walks, RV adventures, and snuggling Thelma. He was universally loved by friends and family and had a literal entourage of humans.

He was a great little brother to our lab Thelma and big brother to 2 cats Violet & Dash. He leaves behind his feline sister Harmony and recently rescued Lab Joe.

He blessed us with 15.5 years of little dog spunk and we are grateful.

Gentle goodbyes made his leaving us so much easier in the lawn , basking in the sun.


Homer was the friendliest dog ever. We miss him.


Pinky was around 25 years old. He was a sweet boy who loved getting love, sleeping between our pillows in bed at night, and hunting for whistle pigs. He loved his feline and canine brothers and sisters and cuddled up with all of them and licked their faces before falling asleep with them. He is greatly missed and has a peaceful resting place in his back yard in the same plot with his feline sister, Columbo who died 3 years ago.
RIP Pinky?
We love you and miss you,


Lucy was a friend and a protector for 13 years. she was loved everyday and was gentle with our kids when they were young. we were so lucky to get to have her as part of our family. we will never find a dog like lucy again. forever in our hearts


Thank you for the beautiful card. I am so grateful for how you cared for my little one Tank in his final moments. The experience was peaceful for him.

Bruce Wayne Ternenyi 10/23/2007-5/1/2022
He was the best friend and fearsome protector of our three daughters until the end. He was my best buddy and I will miss him forever. Rest easy Beastie.

Harley Jo

We are finally sending Harley Jo's memorial. It has taken us some time to be able to write it without crying. :) Thank you so much for all you did for us. We appreciated your gentle kindness as we said goodbye to Harley Jo. The compassion and respect was so comforting to our family. Thank you


I cannot say thank you enough for what you do. Not only did you make sure Mai was as comfortable and cared for as possible during the process but you also made sure I was as well. It's incredibly hard to have to say goodbye to a loved pet but I know you do your best to make it as easy of a process as possible. I really appreciate you guys and what you do, I would have been an even bigger emotional disaster without you. I miss Mai terribly but am grateful she is no longer in pain and went peacefully in my arms.


I want to say thank you for the service and to the doctor and the vet.
We love you Jasper!


Thank you for your kindness during a very hard time. We miss you Kahlua!

Mulligan Crandall
January 11, 2005 - May 16, 2022

Mulligan was a traveler. He has been from the North Slope of Alaska to South Padre Island, Texas. He has been from the Pacific Ocean in Washington to Newfoundland, Canada. In his travels he has stayed in over 50 different homes. He has been one adaptable dog whether it is visiting different places or dealing with pancreatitis.
Mulligan: I miss watching you throw your blanket around when you are trying to get your hidden treat, and turning 360s when you want to play.

I miss your big dog bark when you see or smell a big dog, and I miss you peeking around the corner to check on me when I am in the shower...but not coming in for fear you would get a bath.

I miss you dead-heading flowers with me and helping me make the bed. I even miss you tearing up napkins when you are bored and barking at the vacuum.

I miss you sitting by the door when you want to go out...or sitting looking at the couch when you want to nap on the couch instead of the floor. I miss our walks and waiting while you check out your favorite pee spots. I miss looking for you when we come home...you may be on one of your many beds or hiding under the pillows on our bed. You were always happy to see us.

I miss you scratching up the kitchen throw rug when you want to eat, and peeking around the corner when you want me to come to bed. I miss you popping your head up when I come to bed to remind me that you haven't had the second half of your bedtime biscuit and your nighttime drink of fresh water.

I miss your big sigh when you are comfortable and are going to sleep, and your scratching to get under the covers when you are cold. Most of all I miss you sleeping in with me in the morning, and I miss watching you curled up on your bed comfortably napping during the day. Miss you lots Mr. Mulligan!!!


Thank you for being so kind during our goodbye to Annie last week. We are definitely missing our little girl.

Annie came to us from West Valley Humane Society at about 9 months old as an early Christmas present on 11/12/2009. She was the best little girl. Always ready for a walk, a treat, a toy or just hanging out on the couch. She just wanted to be with her family. We were so blessed to have her and we'll miss her sweet face.
Annie 2/12/2009 to 5/6/2022


Our beautiful boy Meko brought so much joy (and fur) to our home.? He has been greatly missed. We know he is happily running miles freely now. We love and miss you!

Daisy -
To a great dog that always had her own cat. Finally reunited.
Love you very much, mom

May 2, 2006 - April 26, 2022

After several failed attempts to adopt a dachshund, we finally found our precious boy on August 9, 2006. He was the last of the litter, already fourteen weeks old. We soon discovered we had found the best and perfect puppy. That's why it took so long! He was definitely meant to be a member of our family!

This little guy was so smart! He peed and pooped on command, and never had an accident in the house unless it was our fault. He loved his family so deeply! His absolute favorite activity was going fishing. He would watch and could tell from body language that Dad was getting ready to set the hook. He would get so excited waiting for the fish to be reeled in, he would jump off the boat into the lake to get to it quicker! It became evident after the first trip that we needed a life jacket for that boy, as dachshunds are solid, and he sank like a bowling ball.

When we would be packing up to go camping/fishing, he knew it, and he would sneak out, climb up the stairs, and be sitting on the couch in the camper. After a few time of "losing" him, the first place we would look was in the camper. Our little buddy was always right by our side except when preparing to go camping. There was no way he was going to let us go without him!
He also loved speed. He would start whimpering when we slowed down, whether in the car or the boat.
We were always told he was the healthiest dachshund anyone had ever seen, even at his fifteen-year-old wellness exam. Sadly, two months later, he got sick. First it was pancreatitis. He got better, but never fully recovered. Seven months later, we learned our precious boy had cancer. We had three precious good months with Riley that we wouldn't have had otherwise.

On April 26, 2022, we had to say goodbye to our precious puppy. That little dog left a huge whole in our hearts that will never be filled. We are so very grateful for Gentle Goodbyes. They allowed us to say goodbye in the most compassionate, loving, gentle way possible.


Rocky left us May 15, 2021. He was the sweetest rescue I have ever seen so far. The look he gave just oozed love and devotion to anyone who paid any kind of attention to him. He chased squirrels until the end even though he was old, and I'm sure it was uncomfortable for him, but there was no stopping him when he saw one. He is so missed every day. Thank you for all your help.

3/23/2008 - 04/14/2022

Gussy, our sweet boy, you were so loved and we will cherish your memory of the last 14 years. I hope you are running (or hopping as you were known to do!) free without pain or fear. You were a faithful and loyal furbaby and we miss you so much!

Thank you everyone at Gentle Goodbyes for helping us to let our little guy go without the stress of a vet visit, in his own home. Your comfort and compassion will never be forgotten!


"We rescued Snickers from a shelter when she was 7. She took a while to get used to us but she became one of our kids. She went everywhere with us and hated to be alone. She was a good escape artist back then. She mellowed out as she got older but never lost her loving personality. She was always with me while I worked and was spoiled beyond belief. When she was excited her whole body wiggled when she would wag her tail. She would play with her ropes and shake them so much that they would fly out of her mouth and land on the roof sometimes. She loved our daily walks and was so patient and kind. She was such a great companion. We miss her so much but we are so thankful to have been blessed with such a sweetheart for the time we had her."

Mere words cannot possibly describe our feelings of loss today. Pippa quietly came into our lives 8 years ago when she was 3. She is our second rescue after loosing another rescue, Punzi. Pippa was sadly returned to the shelter twice. No fault of her own. One family could no longer afford to keep her and another because of a job as a forest ranger. It was our "fortune". She truly was the sweetest dog I have ever known. She was kind and gentle to all beings. Once after a training class, the instructor, Hillary deemed her 'The Thinker'. She had the best eye contact with everyone. She always looked like she was 'thinking' and just observing everyone. As with Punzi, Pippa welcomed all fosters into our home. More recently a toy poodle who came with two puppies rescued from an animal neglect breeder. After fostering over a hundred animals....she is our first 'failed foster'. She was glued to Pippa from the very beginning. I would love to say we trained Emma.....but it was Pippa who has guided her. She is another gentle soul.

After loosing Punzi, someone once said to me that the reason dogs come and go so quickly is that they enter this world with a purity that they do not need to discover like people do. They just live their lives with the maximum amount of pure love they can muster. That was Pippa. It was fate that brought us together. We nourished you by giving you all the food, water, snacks and love and you nourished our very souls with your unconditional love. You were my compass........whenever I was having a bad day or confused about something....I would look at you and you would always point me in the right direction. Even though your body is gone....I know you will always be with us. Thank you for choosing us. We love you
Ps. Gentle Good-bye was the Best organization to send her to the rainbow bridge. They were truly a God-send. Thank you!!


We adopted our Lulu Magoo in Aug. 2019, just a few months after losing our Chesapeake. It was too quiet in our house not to have a dog again.

Lulu was the best family dog we could have asked for. Loyal, loving, smart, gentle with our kids, loved fetch, swimming, hot dogs and herded everything that would listen to her! While our time with her ended up being far too short we couldn't have asked for a better dog. Nothing prepares you for the "c" word...run pain free my buddy!

16 years with my best friend wasn't nearly enough time. Gizmo was the perfect companion to help me grow from a child into adulthood. Anyone who met him fell in love with that adorable face with a terrible underbite. I'm going to miss your sneezes everyday gizzy.

This was Jake's super power...he could fit 9 toys in his mouth at once! Such a sweet boy. ?


Rest in Peace Sweet Scooter! They say that dogs are mans best friend.... That is an understatement. He was a big part of our family... protector of the realm, crumb collector, an extra shadow, bed hog, puppy teacher, an emotional support buddy and so much more! He got us through some rough times. We were blessed with an amazing 16 years. He could make any bad day a good one with a quick snuggle or a wag of the tail.
Heaven just got a special angel. Run free and eat lots of treats, treats and more treats. You are finally reunited with your brother, Gizmo! We love you and miss you!


Our little Kyla was a sweet and smart girl. It was fun to watch her wipe her paws on the door mat when it rained. She loved small children especially little ones in strollers. We miss our girl but know she is now free of pain.


Roxy was born in 2011 and raised by a family member until 2018, when we adopted her into our home.
Roxy quickly became a spoiled and cherished member of our family. She demanded constant attention, love, or proximity to us - always the best companion.
Roxy awaited her daily walks - she enjoyed when she could get off the leash and chase ducks back into the pond.
She loved when we would fire up the smoker, and would stay outside to supervise the entire time, whether it was a 2 hour or 12 hour span.
She didn't like car rides but was always anxious to explore once we reached our destination.
Roxy loved playing in the water, but only up to her belly... which wasn't far, given those short legs! :) She enjoyed our visits to rivers, lakes, and most of all the ocean.
She enjoyed the snow also, and running through the deep powder.
Our hearts are broken that Roxy is no longer with us, but we find comfort in knowing she isn't suffering. We miss you and will always love you, Roxy dog. ❤

"Daisy" and "Guinness",
"Having a dog will bless you with many of the happiest days of your life - and one of the worst."

This morning Guinness crossed the Rainbow Bridge and happily (and perhaps grudgingly lol) reunited with his wifey, Daisy girl. She crossed in October and shifted the dynamic of the house from three dogs to two. The idea of only one right now is haunting - but the peace that these two lovebirds have is something that we had to force ourselves to selflessly make room for.

Craig has loved these two since they were puppies and they are Bryson's entire childhood. Guinness was 15 years old and Miss Daisy was 13 years old. And even though I was lucky enough to only love them for seven years - it felt like forever. Strange, how that's never enough.

Daisy was the queen of snacks, midday snoozes and chest cuddles. She was never farther than a few feet from a couch or a refrigerator lol...unless we drug her bougie butt camping, but even then she was waiting for the crack of a treat bag haha. Miss her so much.

Guinness was, and always will be, Craig's heart. Best friends through life. Guinny loved to try to catch snowballs, kept up with Luna even with his arthritis and he loved to ride with the window down. He was also notorious for not being spade and always trying to run away to prowl for new girls - one time we found him at The Buffalo Club haha. Always a wild young guy in his heart and mind. A champion through it all.

Can't wait to see these two again. Wherever and whenever that may be - we look forward to the day that we will open the front door and be greeted by them again. Coming home just won't be the same anymore.

Thank you, Gentle Goodbyes, for sending our hearts to live in peace across the bridge. You made both of the experiences feel safe, kind and natural. We felt like we made the right choice by letting them pass in our home, in their favorite bed, with us. So thank you for choosing to do the hardest job, your bedside manner and your kindness.


Owen gave us a great 16yrs. He was the protector of the family. Alpha to the other 2 dogs. He loved his people and is missed by all of us daily.


On Saturday, April 2nd, 2022, we said our final goodbyes to our sweet boy Nigel. He was our first baby, our daughter's brother, a great snuggler and an all around wonderful pup. Our hearts are broken.

Thank you for being our boy for 14 glorious years buddy. You are so very missed.


Max was our best friend. He loved kids and was a big, lovable, gentle boy. Camping was a favorite, he looked forward to McCall and Seeley Lake every year with his peeps. We thank you Max from the bottom of hearts for picking us as your family.

Thank you to EVERYONE at Gentle Goodbyes... you showed concern and concern for a gentle guy, who very likely had some not-so-gentle experiences, previously, in his 1 1/2 years... I'm soooo very glad I had 3 months to love, encourage, reward AND play with my Mynyrd! I know I shared some precious time with him... and that has been my reward!
Mynyrd, you made me smile like a brand-new mom with her little one - seeing the world as both wonderful and, sometimes, scary! And I'll miss the belly rubs when you'd close your eyes and sigh... yes, Life is good...!
Till we meet again...

Our Oreo
In 60 years being around dogs, Oreo was the best dog ever! We were fortunate to find him at the pound. He was with us since he was 6 weeks old and he was a complete joy to have keep us company. Was said we spoiled him but it was he who spoiled us!
Smart as a whip, enjoyed chasing frisbee, going on walks, swimming, and traveling with us.
Always laser focused on all your moves. He will be greatly missed!
15 years was not enough time!


5/28/05 - 3/13/22

In summer of 2005, the mail lady brought her into my work. She asked if anyone wanted a kitten and said she found her locked in a P.O. box. I asked to hold her. We had an instant bond. She cuddled in my lap the whole car ride home. She would always comfort me when I was sick or sad. She was very protective of me. She loved to be held and carried around. She would always tap our legs when she wanted to be picked up. When we picked her up she would wrap her paws around our neck to hug us and would rub her head under our chin. She was always in my lap. She hopped like a bunny when she ran. She would always greet me with a chirp every time I entered the room. She had the loudest purr and the sweetest little meows. She loved to lie on the floor by my feet and watch me cook. She loved riding in the car and was always good at the vet. She was very talkative. She loved nose rubs and chin scratches. She was our little tuxedo cat, penguin-panda bear, with tiny marshmallow paws and the softest fur. She was the best friend. We love and miss her so much!


Libby was rescued from a kill shelter in 2014. She was the sweetest German Shepherd I have met to this day and was so well behaved. She behaved unlike any other dog we've ever met (We've met a lot!) and the bond she shared with us humans was unlike any we've ever felt before. Her being gone has left a huge whole in our lives and she is greatly missed. Thank you Gentle Goodbyes for making crossing over the rainbow much easier on our girl


I'll admit that when she showed up at our door, I didn't want another dog. I was a Lab and Retriever guy. Certainly not a pit bull person. In the first few months, she chewed up my expensive glasses, a plugged in lamp cord, a lot of socks (only MY stuff!) and costs us several thousand dollars in vet bills. But she was there when we were going through the most terrible times of our lives, never judging, only loving. Thirteen years we've been together, ten of those during my retirement. She been my constant companion....my shadow, really. And I'm sure I've given her more pets, hugs and kisses than anyone else has ever received from me. There's a sign over our door proclaiming, "A spoiled rotten Pit Bull lives here." and we've done everything we can to live up to that. Meeko, my puppy, my "Wonder Dog" came to the end of her time today, April 6, 2022. I'm feeling terribly sad at the prospect of her not being by my side. Or feeling the weight of her head on my lap.
I've had more than my fair share of great dogs in my life. But this one......this one......


Kevin showed up on my porch one day, nearly blind with entropion, and too sweet for words. I got him to the vet and all fixed up, and from that moment on, he would barely leave my side for the next 8 years. He was hands down the most affectionate kitty I've ever had, and one of my very best friends in this world.
I will miss him every single day of my life, forever and ever. I'm so grateful to Gentle Goodbyes for making his transition so much less painful for him and for me.


It's hard to say goodbye after an amazing 18 years to the best cat ever. Ziggy made our little family complete. He leaves behind a loving mom and younger brother who miss him more than words could ever explain.
We love you kittykins, you are forever in our hearts. ❤


We were so privileged to have Ollie in our lives for just over 15 years. He gave us so much joy and enriched our lives in ways we couldn't have anticipated when we adopted him (he was so smart and loving ). We will miss our baby very much, but believe we will be reunited with him again someday.

We'd like thank Gentle Goodbyes for their care in helping to deliver Ollie to heaven.


Tobi joined our family when she was a puppy. She had a zest for life and was always happy. Once we had kids she found her true purpose and was the most loyal companion to all four of us for 11 years. Our family will miss her greatly and will always love

Moses was my first baby. And he gave me 15 years of unconditional love and camaraderie! He will be missed every minute since his passing and he was a one of a kind. He loved animals, all of them. But what is most striking about him is he always want to be next to his humans. When he would go to the dog park when he was a puppy he only cared about running around and greeting all of the humans. As he loved being pet and loved on. My 14-year-old son describes him as his soulmate and wanted him to be his best man at his wedding since he was 10. Our life will never be the same. He was our heart. ❤️? And we are also glad that he is with his best friend Sadie and he's no longer suffering here.


She was an amazing little girl.

Sophie's story with us began when she was approximately 10 years old. I went to visit my family in Virginia and North Carolina for Christmas 2016. I was driving around a small town in NC when I saw the police in a grocery store parking lot holding a little white fluff ball. I have a really big soft spot for dogs so I pulled into the parking lot to check things out. The police found Sophie in the parking lot. She had been hit by a car, full of fleas and mites, and completely emaciated. The problem was, the police knew who she belonged to but didn't want to take her back. I started crying. The police officer took one look at me and the dog and handed her to me. My husband and I nursed her back to life. She joined our pack and eventually ruled the roost. She loved to take car rides, chill on the back of the couch, explore the great outdoors, and eat lots of treats. She was a little dog with a large personality. For the 5.5 years Sophie was part of our pack, we loved her immensely. Unfortunately for us, but fortunately for her, Jesus called and it was time to go.

God bless all of you at Gentle Goodbyes for doing what you do!

Our little Abby,

She was the best friend a person would want.
She brought so much love, joy and fun to our family for the 16 + years we had her.
I would hope that every dog and animal that lives could have the life Abby had.
We will miss her, but understand that dogs don't usually outlive their families.
Thank you so much for letting us share our Abby.

We had you for just over 19 years and miss you jumping in our laps and demanding constant attention daily. When we decided you had had enough, Gentle Goodbyes came to the rescue so we could be with you to the end.


Little Cleo almost made it to 18 years. She hung in there as long as she could never complaining. So glad we could be with Cleo as she passed on to her hunting ground in heaven. Thanks so much Gentle Goodbyes!


"It is with a Broken Heart we say Goodbye to our Sweet Mindy. She was our loving companion for fifteen years. She will always be remembered."


Our sweet Ella. We miss you!


It was a very sad Sunday when we said our last goodbye to our baby of over 12 years, Cookie. Her very presence evoked joy and a certain air of sweetness. She made people smile with her clown like, deeply loving, and attentive spirit (unless there was a squirrel near bye). Even though she came from humble rescue roots, she learned to detect chemical changes in my blood sugar and literally saved my life more than once. Through all the simple days and amazing adventures, she was our constant companion and beloved family member. We are grateful to Gentle Goodbyes for coming to our home avoiding the trauma of taking her to a medical clinic for such a significant matter. We miss her every day but her love will live on forever in our hearts. May she Rest In Peace


Huevon entered our home as a puppy unwanted and unwelcomed. He soon became part of our family and our first indoor pet. For 14 years he helped us with welcoming 8 grandchildren into our lives. Each grandchild received a kiss from him unexpectedly. He was part of our family. Huevon you will be missed and in our heart. Rest in Peace.


I can't emphasize enough how much Gentle Goodbyes helped me through the transition for my much loved Roxy. I got her as a mature silver faced lady and I was lucky enough to have her for five years. She was such a gentle and weird companion, my favorite kind. She wouldn't come when called, even for a treat, she wouldn't willingly get in the car and she rarely came to me for snuggles. However, I loved her more than I can ever say and I know she loved me to the very end.

I believe she is watching her recently lost cousin, Addie, chase balls and she's sitting there telling her to stop it and act like a lady. Roxy was a proper lady at all times.

She was so special and is greatly missed every day.


We rescued Apollo and gave all the love we had and he gave us the same in return. Apollo was the best, most loyal dog you could after ask for. We will miss him greatly.


Buddy M

Buddy, enjoy the other side of the Rainbow Bridge my precious Big Guy, where nothing hurts anymore, sunny fields abound, mice are plump and slow, and scrumptious treats are plentiful. You will be missed for a long time.



Baxter was a wonderful companion for my mom and dad. I miss him so much.

Ol' Doc

My loyal friend and companion Doc, he lived a long happy and healthy life for 15 yrs

He will be missed, Thanks Doc


Sparky, our lovingly 14+ year old Golden doodle attached. He helped us appreciate the little things in life from simple walks and tennis balls to leaning into you for a good scratch behind the ears. Sparky will be missed dearly, but we know he is enjoying heaven in shallow water and endlessly fetch tennis balls. ❤

Sweet Pepper

We were so blessed to have Pepper as part of our family for over 15 years. He was the sweetest and most gentle little boy. Pepper loved going on walks and meeting other dog and people. We love and miss him so much.

Until we meet again little buddy!❤


We first came across Joey through an Idaho Humane Society pet of the week picture in the newspaper. He looked so much like our previous dog, we knew we wanted to adopt him. He was standoffish at first, and took several weeks to warm up to us and decide that we were okay. He was a happy addition to our family. He was a sweet, gentle boy who loved to eat, go for long walks, and be near us. We really miss him.


"Reacher" (10/31/09-11/28/21,) in the loving embrace of his family, took his long journey to wait for us on the other side. A Christmas gift for our oldest son in 2009, Reacher, the "dog of a thousand nicknames," lived up to his namesake and was a fighter to the end. Like a cat, he appeared to have endless lives. Integral in raising our youngest son from birth, he often stopped to give him a "drive by lick," when he was learning to crawl, and alerted us, through a bayful howl, if the baby (infant, toddler, boy) was in distress. He loved his "pack" and more so, loved us each, uniquely. Moving to the Boise area 1 1/2 years ago, he regained for a time, his youthful vigor. Always fiercely independent and stubborn, he relished getting out and hiking the foothills with "his mom," and even allowed his "dad" to teach him his one and only trick ('shake') at age 11; thus disproving the notion that you can't teach an old (and stubborn) dog new tricks. A lover of daytime naps and evening snacks, what Reacher loved most of all was just having his family around - to honor with his love, and have it returned in kind. His superpower was his fur; and petting him was a salve to any irritation, frustration or human sadness. There is a huge hole in our home and hearts with his passing; knowing that all those uniquely Reacher features will be absent from our earthly lives. There is joy though, in our memories of him, in knowing we were blessed to have him in our lives for as long as we did, and in the knowledge that he waits for us on the far side of the bridge. Until then, we are quite sure he is spending most of his time eating, and chasing anything else that moves as fast as he does. Rest Easy Widdle Widdle. You knew far more than we ever thought you did.


Thank you so much for your assistance and support as my precious girl crossed the rainbow bridge on Friday. The entire process was comforting to both of us and I am so happy that she was able to be in her home and in my arms when she passed.


Our sweet dog Sparky.


We had to tell goodbye to our dear Jazzie. She was a member of our family for 15 years, and brought so much love and light to our home. But unfortunately she got sick. It was painful to see her suffering, and we had to make the agonizing decision to end her pain. Thank you for making it so peaceful for her and us. You treated our Jazzie like you loved her and had known her for a long time. Thank you for being so compassionate and professional. It made a difference.

Jackie Cat

Jackie Cat showed up at our house 16 years ago. She initially took up residence under the fishing boat. We called her Jack Sparrow after the pirate.

She eventually started coming up to the door for a handout. We would feed her some dry food and she would retreat back to the boat. One day when we opened

the door for her, she waltzed right in and stayed. After taking her to the vet and finding out she was female, her name changed to Jackie Cat.

She was with us for 16 wonderful years.


Romeo was a loyal best friend who's name suited him. He was a lover til the very end and will be missed dearly by his family. He blessed the Laymans with unconditional love for sixteen years. Jump high in heaven buddy.


Ava was the very best family pup. She was patient and intuitive with everyone around her. Ava loved "her kids" our 4 young children & cuddles. She brought so much joy & love to our home for 13 and half years. Forever in our hearts.

Bernie (Bernice) Button

We wanted to say thank you for your services to help us lay our standard schnauzer Bernie (Bernice) to rest last week. We received your card and below you can find our memorial and a picture attached.


On a cold November evening, my wife called me at home and asked if it would be ok to bring home a puppy. I responded with a firm "No". About an hour or so later, Brandy came into our home, lives and hearts.From the get-go, Brandy always drew attention and a smile. With her short stocky legs and wide body, she resembled what I jokingly called a teacup lab. However, in reality, it is more likely Brandy was a cross between a Corgi and a Dachshund. She loved her home with room to run. Even though we didn't have a fenced yard, Brandy never strayed. She would simply pick a spot on the front porch and lounge in the sun or sometimes in the tall grass always keeping one eye open for those pesky squirrels, and while she was fast in her prime days, she never was quite fast enough to catch one. Her favorite daily routine though was going to work with me at my automotive repair shop. Delivery people and customers would always get a warm greeting, hopefully in exchange for a treat or a belly rub. Not getting to go to the shop would result in me getting the cold shoulder when I came home later that day. Never to hold a grudge though, Brandy quickly gave in and was ready to go the next day. In her final days, Brandy, even though clearly ran down and not feeling her best, persisted to go to work. And even though she wasn't able to greet everyone personally, she was just happy to be there. Brandy had a lot of friends, and she will be missed by many. There will never be another one like her.Run free pup, until we meet again.


Knowing that we had to say goodbye to our Cheyenne was so difficult, but and her associate were amazing. They turned one of the hardest things we face into a beautiful goodbye. Our girl was able to fall asleep at home & not have to spend her last moments at some strange place. Thank you so much, for what you do!


You helped with a goodbye for Macy last week. I was out of town but just wanted to say thank you for your help and compassion in such a tough time.
"Our loving companion for over 15 years, she will live in our hearts forever.

Sawyer Taylor

Hey all. You guys have been amazing and the best ever through this whole entire time. I still have a dramatic memory when I was about 7 having to put my childhood dog down at the vet. It was so cold, dark and lonely. Here that awful memory is being replaced by the most warm and comforting experience. Thank you.


We had to say goodbye to our lovable and funny boy on Friday, December 17th. He was 2 days shy of his 12th birthday. We adopted him from Labrador Friends of the South in Atlanta when he was just a puppy. He was truly one of a kind. He was a mix of yellow lab and probably beagle. He looked like mini lab or a short lab but with only a nub for a tail. He was wicked smart and as he grew older began to howl more than he barked. He loved all food and would never leave a crumb on the kitchen floor. He was known for always making us laugh and for snuggling, especially at night as he slept between my husband and myself. He was our kid and my office buddy. Riley was my once-in-a-lifetime heart dog. We are devastated by his loss. It all happened so fast, and we were hoping for more time, but it was his time to go. Our family misses him terribly and there is a huge hole in our hearts right now. I hope he is living pain free and running around with his brother Milo. I always say the only flaw a dog has is that they don't live as long as we do. We love you so much Riley (aka Woody or Mr. Woods). This isn't good-bye but until we meet again.


Kiki with the gorgeous whiskers came into my life after being abandoned. He was my faithful companion for 11 years, then sickness overcame him and he found peace. I miss him a lot.


Attached is a picture of my dear Emmy who left this Earth on 12/23.

Emmy was my first cat. I had always been a dog person but circumstances said no to another dog after I lost my beagles. She was the absolute best 'first' cat anyone could ask for. She will be missed.

Thank you to Gentle Goodbyes for a very peaceful passing.


Duncan was a joyful friend to many: neighbors, hikers in the foothills, fellow skiers at Bear Basin, children at the library, guests at the nursing home, campers in Ponderosa State Park, delivery drivers, and everyone who rang our doorbell. I'm sure he's now chasing cats and rabbits, eating chocolate and giving a 'high five' to all he meets. We miss him deeply and are grateful for the joy he inspired.


Sophi was a gentle spirit who loved walks and the trails of the foothills, chasing balls, people and, of course, treats.

Thunder was not her friend and her favorite "safe spot" was the back seat of the car. She truly was a best friend

and companion and in our hearts forever.


Sidney was a kind and gentle dog. He would set his front legs on my sofa and look at me with those big dark eyes asking "do you want to play"? And I would say "get me your toy". He would bring me his soft cloth toy and we would play catch. When I would go to the store and I would come home, he would peek his nose out the open door and I would say "grandma is home" and he would make circles and wag his tail. He was my first and only dog in my 84 years. He was a rescue and we gave each other the best 10 years of our lives.


I wanted to thank you for making my cat comfortable and myself as well. That's the hardest thing I've had to do. Being with him until the end was a comfort. Thank you again for all you do.


Gracie was the best companion, confidant, and adventure buddy anyone could ask for. She took great care of me and I will miss her terribly.
Thank you Gentle Goodbyes for all you do - you make a tough time easier on our loving animals❤


We found Jaxon on the Boxer Lovers Rescue Facebook page and adopted him in March of 2016. I had never owned a dog before, but knew several people that owned Boxers and really wanted one for my first dog. When I went to pick him up, he was the biggest Boxer I had ever seen at 90 pounds! At only two years old, he had a rough start to life, but he settled in with us right away. Jax was a gentle giant and loved anyone and everyone. To meet him was to love him! I could not have asked for a better first dog. His favorite place to be was on the patio with us, or basking in the sun, in the backyard, up against the fence. Jax battled a near fatal bacterial infection at the first of 2021. He fought so hard and overcame so much only to have lymphoma overtake his body in December. We are so grateful to Gentle Goodbyes for helping our boy pass on peacefully and with the dignity he deserved. Run free baby boy! 2014- January 13, 2022.


Muggs was a fun loving hard headed youngster whom I credit with saving my life 10 years ago. She was always jumping on my bed first thing in the morning and sticking that cold wet nose in my ear. After about 6 months of being rudely awakened by a cold nose, she started sticking her nose on my mouth. After a couple of weeks she became obsessed with my mouth. I had had a sinus infection off and on for a few weeks so I went to the doctor. She referred me to an oral surgeon who noticed a tiny white spot on the bottom of my tongue. It turned out to be cancer. Thanks to early detection it was cured. She loved car rides and going fishing in the RV. Everyone always loved her. She is now pain free and running with with her best buddy Herc.


Gentle Goodbyes came to our home and were so kind and caring to us and our dog. They did all they could to make a hard time a little easier. I would highly recommend them in your time of need.


Georgia came into our home as a rescue dog 6 years ago and it has been the most rewarding and loving 6 years possible. We loved Georgia with all our heart and she returned that love to us exponentially. She enjoyed being outside in our front yard so she could greet all the neighbors and their canine pals as they walked by each day. She loved big dogs and small dogs. It didn't matter to her. She welcomed all of them as her friends. She will be dearly missed by her canine and human neighbors and especially by us, her human parents. We love you so much, Georgia. You will always be in our hearts and memory.


We miss & love you sooooooo much, keep chasing those balls and hope we get to throw the ball for you again some time and lay in the grass and love on you. Till we meet again, all our love forever sweet boy. Thank you to GG for the very kind treatment you gave not only Ditto but my wife and I as well, Thank you so much


My sweet boy, my Big Man, my familiar. My Panther has gone home. He was entirely ready. He came into this world in my lap, and left this world, purring in my arms, all the way to the end. He's been with me half my life. I love you Bubba, And I'll see you again when it's time. Rest now, love. You did good, Big Man.


Thank you for helping Lola pass peacefully in her home. Lola was a very special girl and her loss has been very painful for us. She had many accomplishments in her life, but the most important was the people she brought together and all the lives she has touched. Lola was Best in Specialty Show, National Owner Handled Series Best in Show and Top 20 in 2020, GCH Traditions Livin' La Vida Loca CD BN RE AXP AJP CA DCAT SWE SCM SHDN WAC CGC TKI ROM


Thank you for your compassion while we said goodbye to Brutus. We miss him so much.


Fritz-ard Simmons Hammertail Walund (known as Fritz) came into my life in January 2013 after I adopted him from the Idaho Humane Society. I adopted Fritz after my beloved cat companion passed away and when I noticed Fritz was in the shelter because his owner was in failing health, I decided we could be sad together and he came home with me. Fritz was a loving, gentle and sweet cat who showered me with his quiet, unconditional love for 9 years. Fritz loved canine companions and his first sister was Sadie, a miniature schnauzer who he quickly became enamored with. Wherever Sadie wandered around to in the house, Fritz was sure to follow. After Sadie passed, Fritz became a big brother to another schnauzer brother named Otto Mann. Fritz was the best big brother to Otto. He tolerated Otto's puppy antics with consummate patience and played with him to Otto's happy delight. In his senior years, Fritz enjoyed curling up in front of the fire in the living, snuggling with me and his brother on the couch and sunbathing in the window. Our pets remind us that no matter how much we love them, they will always love us more. There is a such a huge void left by such a tiny cat. Finally, in Fritz's honor, please remember that you make a commitment to any animal you bring home, whether adopted or not, for their lifetime. Fritz's adoption paperwork showed that he had been adopted and returned over 7 times until he finally found his fur-ever home with me. Pets are a commitment and if you commit to loving them, caring for them and their veterinary needs for their lifetime you will get back that love and commitment tenfold. Please also consider adopting. There are so many Fritzs of the world that need loving fur-ever homes. Rest easy, Fritz. You are SO loved and SO missed!


For your gentleness and compassion with us as we said good bye to our sweet Millie on January 28th. She has left such a big hole in our hearts & home. Below is our tribute to her for your memorial page:

Thank you Millie for your faithful companionship! We will miss your snuggles, sitting on our feet, and sleeping in the middle of the bed. You brightened our lives with your unconditional love and gentleness. ?? #thebestgoldenretrieverever


When I was searching for a new dog on rescue sites I came across my sweet Bongos face & those ears !!! I called right away. He came over for a home visit and never left . He brought so much joy to our home especially to who became his big brother , our Rocky , they were always together. We had only just moved to Idaho and I knew traveling with Bongo was a risk , but his best friend Zach was here hopping to love on him one last time . Bongo made it but declined quickly and I didn't know where to turn so I reached out to the Kuna community on Facebook an Gentle Goodbyes came highly recommended. I was a mess when they arrived and did their assessment. But I knew. It was a wonderful experience.
Thank you , thank you for showing us and Bongo so much compaction


"It is with a Broken Heart we say Goodbye to our Sweet Mindy. She was our loving companion for fifteen years. She will always be remembered."


RIP Loki. Thank you for being the best dog a family could ask for. We'll miss your zoomies, your love of toys, your smarts, and your exuberance and joy. Thanks for being the best greeter, the best squirrel watcher/yard guarder, and the most enthusiastic licker. Thanks for wiggling your way into our hearts and bringing our family so much joy. 12 1/2 years wasn't long enough.


Words truly cannot express my deepest gratitude for you guys. Dr. Witt and Tiffany took care of Cabela AND me last Saturday. I want to write a novel about my appreciation, but I honestly feel like I don't possess the literary aptitude to truly gives them or your entire team the honor you deserve. From the first painful phone call, to her return home in a wooden urn by Jamie ...... your team is exquisite. Thank you. From my entire heart and soul, thank you. Cabela Marie Maberry has been my ride or die for thirteen years. She was the life of every party and never minded being the center of attention. Cabela loved road trips, camping, hiking and swimming in every body of water she could! She also loved being a TV cuddle buddy..... and was the stealer of all the bed space! No matter what she always wanted to play. Even when she couldn't keep up with the young pups, she always wanted to give it a go! Please use whatever picture you'd like..... I narrowed the hundreds down to about 30 for my own little slideshow.... And decided that might be a bit much for you guys.... So I sent 5. P.S. This last pic was about an hour before she crossed the rainbow bridge last Saturday. I had carried her out to the field just behind our place and we got to lie in the beautiful 60 degree sunshine. I've never been so thankful for a warm winter day than I was last week.


Thank you for the lovely card and sentiment. And THANK YOU to your staff when they came to our home to help us escort Willow over "The Bridge". Their compassion was obvious, and they made it as heart felt for all of us as it could be.

It would be an honorable ending to Willows presence here on Earth to have her on your web page. She was such an accomplished girl, brought so much joy to so many people. The loss is still pretty raw, my younger dog really misses her, as do I. I'm attaching one of her last pictures and a eulogy that I sent out to our friends and family. It may be a little long you're welcome to use whatever excerpt from it will fit on your web page. She'll be honored, I am honored, and so grateful you provide the service that you do. That was the hardest decision I've ever had to make for one of my fur babies!

Bless you all, be well and safe. And thank you so much for being there for us all.