2021 Memorials

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Charlie was born in Virginia and made his way to Massachusetts where he was adopted at the Northeast Animal Shelter. For his first five years he went to work everyday at a golf course and made many friends and countless memories. The second half of his life was spent in Idaho where he hiked the foothills and was always patient and adoring to our kids. He led a great life and will be missed.

I just want to say how much I appreciate your service to aid my sweet baby Jack into his afterlife. We loved him so much. He was so sweet, funny, and attentive. I have some favorite pictures I've attached.

Our sweet girl came into our lives on June 21st, 2014 just before her first birthday. She was a rescue and had been terribly abused and took some great love for her to learn to trust us. She could be stubborn but was so full of love. There's a gaping hole in our family now. Not sure we will ever get over losing her. Hug your babies tight. Take them to the vet if you suspect anythings wrong. Don't wait. Had we not hesitated we might have saved her. Rest easy baby Lil til we can hold you again. 08/07/2013 ~ 01/30/2021

See you in the after life. A loving and caring soul!

Thank you so much for your compassionate and professional manner when we had to put our beloved dog, Zeke, down on Monday, 2/8/21. I wish you had known him longer because he truly was an ambassador for not only boxers, but dogs in general. HE chose us at the Boise Humane Society 12 years ago and it was an easy choice to bring him home. He got along extremely well with many other dogs (Camp Bow Wow in Meridian will attest to that), and he absolutely loved running in the foothills and going on hikes anywhere we took him. He will be sorely missed, but we know he had a great run with us and his memories will always bring a smile to our faces and to those who knew him. Thank you again for your kind way of caring for him (and us) as the sun set on him on 2/8/21.

Casey was a wonderful dog. She was our baby girl. She was always there to greet us when we got home with her smiles, her kisses, and wagging tail. She made even the worst day fade away and all was better. She will be missed dearly, but we will see her again someday. Until then we will always remember her little quirks and the way she made our hearts full.

Ida (close up) passed 01/21/21. One of the saddest days of my life. Ida was with me 24/7 for 14 years and she brought nothing but joy every day. I will always miss her.

"Gizmo" We recently had our 15 year old black lab, Gizmo, put down with you guys. It was a very pleasant experience and we are glad that your company exists to handle matters like these. Gizmo went peacefully in our backyard with all the ducks and geese making noise in the background. Gizmo loved to chase off the geese, ducks, and squirrels when she was in her prime (she even caught a squirrel and a duck one time back in her hayday!). Gizmo also loved the water: she hated taking her baths, but she loved running into lakes and rivers and would swim forever if she could!

"Milo" We adopted Milo as a rescue just three years ago along with his companion, Misty. Those three years were full of love and joy. Milo was a character who danced like a circus dog over the joy of being fed. We are heart-broken over losing him so soon, but thankful that his good-bye was gentle and in his own yard.

Maggie--the sweetest, happiest friend a girl can have

"Ivy" 14 years ago you came to live with us as a stray. I'd never met a dog like you. You hated EVERYTHING! You certainly made life interesting! But you were my constant companion and attentive listener. You were always happy to see me and sad to see me leave. I sure do miss my pre rinse

"Dax" was a gentle giant trapped in an ornery, little body. He loved to cuddle during sleep time, and he was always there to nurse anyone back to health during illness season. He loved to play fetch, as long as you were willing to do a lot of the work. His eccentric little charms will be greatly missed. Love ya, buddy!!

"´╗┐Max" Saying goodbye to our kitty Max was a very hard decision. He was a loyal and loving family member for almost 17 years. We wrestled with the decision for many weeks and when it finally came time, we were glad we could do it at home where we could all say goodbye.

Sandy was a rescue dog that we had for a little over three years. Sandy was born without any hind feet. In spite of his handicap, he loved to run and play and hop around like a fool when he was happy. In the short time we had him we discovered he also enjoyed going for rides and camping. He became a loved member of our family. He will be greatly missed.

"Paisley" Thank you for your quick response yesterday regarding our dog Paisley. She is dearly missed.