2023 Memorials

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Sammy was our Kitty for 16 years. We loved him and he will be in our hearts forever. He was a true warrior and a cuddly companion not only to his human buddies but also his 4 legged furry brothers and sisters. RIP Sammy - We know your 4 legged furry buddies welcomed you at the Rainbow Bridge!



I got Rusty from his owner who had to move away and couldn't take him. We had Rusty for a short time but he touched our hearts. I called him my labor of love. Thanks to Gentle Goodbyes for give him a peaceful journey to doggy heaven. We miss you sweet boy!


My heart is broken. Toby, my sweet, 15 year old, 7 lb. Yorkie crossed the Rainbow Bridge 2/4/2023. I rescued Toby when he was 3.5 years old and what a blessing he has been to me.
He was my companion and a friend to everyone he met. He loved walks, playing with his toys and getting back rubs. Not much of a lap dog but always affectionate and wanted to be held if I was standing.
Even though he was deaf the last few years, we could easily communicate with each other. He was always so active and people couldn't believe how old he was. The photo was taken two months before he passed.
I'm grateful that he had a long, active life and I have wonderful memories of my sweet baby. I miss him so much.
Toby, mommy loves you forever. Enjoy chasing those bunnies and squirrels.

Mickey Blue Eyes

In 2012 at the age of 4, Mick became a part of our family after meeting him at the West Valley Humane Shelter. We immediately fell head over heels with him and his expressive blue eyes and knew right away he was coming home with us. One could always tell what he was thinking by just looking into his eyes. He was a soft old soul and loved everyone he met. Mick also loved his tennis balls and squeaky toys the most and would unpack his toy box every morning. One of his favorite morning rituals was to grab a squeaky toy first thing and then howl his good mornings while carrying his toy in his mouth. In spite of being sick, he still loved to play a rousing game of keep away with his toys. When Mick wasn't playing, he was enjoying the life of a lap dog. Mick relished this role as his early life was spent herding cattle and an occasional stubborn goat. It took mom 2 weeks after his adoption to wash the feedlot smell out of his fur. Mickey Blue Eyes you are so missed by all who loved you, so until we meet again, run free with Mozart, Burton, Greykin and Henry. We will see you again sweet boy.

Axel Foley

What an amazing addition you were to our family! We are so grateful for the 8 wonderful years you had shared with us. You were larger than life and had so much love to give and receive. We will miss you dearly, but know that you are pain-free and having a blast with those that passed before you.
Love and miss you dearly Axel Foley,
Your loving family


Kody picked a puppy out of a litter and named him Max, who we loved for over 14 years. He loved everyone he met. Max would greet us when we came home and told us if we had been away too long! He listened well when we needed someone to talk to or cry on. Max loved to run along the fence line chasing squirrels. He was always eager to go a walk & take time to enjoy the smells along the way. A bone was better buried first & then chewed on later! Standing on his back feet, he could reach lots of items, like pizza or brownies. Max is the best & will always be in our hearts, mind & soul.


Our precious Dora, gave so much to our home life for 13.5 yrs. She was an incredibly loyal and loving soul who was protective of us and our home, but at the same time, was always open and very approachable and gentle to anybody who wanted to pet her out in the world. We never feared for any children that would come up to her. She had a beautiful dominant female-ness about her, and thru her communications, guided the way for us and our other dog in day to day life. I trust that she will continue to protect us and lead the way as our Guardian Angel, never to be forgotten.


Mogi was a loyal member of our pack for the past 16 years. Our bright eyed pup was always up for an adventure, he loved to fetch, swim and be around his people. Mogi was the best dog and brought so much love into our lives. We will miss you sweet boy. Fetch on Sir Mogollon the First, the never ending green bone buffet awaits you.


Roman was an amazing companion for his 12 years of life. He started off the first couple years of his life home-to-home not fitting in until he eventually ran away and lived on the streets until collected by animal services to be put down. We were notified by an animal rescue organization that saved him and were looking for a home for Roman. We rescued Roman and our five kids surrounded him with love and support. We would always tell friends that Roman only had one job (which he did well) that was simply to "Love Everyone"....and he did. Roman was a gentle and kind dog that treated everyone he met with loving excitement. His sweetness was always noticed. We miss Roman and know that he lived an amazing life with us.


Jeffrey was almost 11 1/2 years old when we said goodbye. He was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma almost 2 months prior and we tried to give him all the love, fun and treats we could leading up to the day. Jeffrey loved sitting like a human on benches and couches, watching back and forth as people had conversations. If for one second you sat on the ground, he wouldn't hesitate to take the opportunity to sit on your lap. He loved having conversations and holding eye contact. He loved eating snow and chewing sticks and cuddling all night long. He loved hard and was truly loved by everyone who ever met him. He is so very missed.



Hudson, my precious Boston Terrier and Mama's baby. He loved to play ball and "hide & seek". There wasn't a nook or cranny in the house where he couldn't find me in nothing flat. A wonderful companion for 14-1/2 years, I will always miss him.


Harley was our beautiful, gentle girl. She loved her walks, meeting kitties, and her biscuits! A beautiful soul that will be missed❤️


This pretty girl was bottle fed at 4 weeks old by my husband. She excelled at catching tennis balls, frisbees and taking a swim! She was always at my side and within eyesight of me. My dog loved rides and knew where we were usually going. She could smell a lake or river before we reached them.Twelve years of devotion and a shining personality. She passed sweetly so that she wouldn't be in pain anymore. So missed.


Seamus the blue heeler was a very sweet, intelligent, and soulful dog. He loved eating, sitting in the sunshine, playing fetch (before his joints got too sore), going on walks, loving on friends and neighbors, and being by my side. Everyone who spent time with him ended up falling in love with him, and it made me happy that he had such a wide circle of friends. The bond he and I shared was the closest and most dear one of my life, and we truly did learn and grow together over the 13 and 1/2 years we had (he was about a year old when I adopted him).

The first week of his absence has been tremendously painful, but I take comfort in the thought that he is completely without pain or limitation now. Thank you to the vets at Habitat, Les Bois, and West Vet for taking such good care of him over the years, and to anyone who ever watched him for me, and to Gentle Goodbyes for helping him pass over peacefully.

I love you always and forever, Seamus.

Here's a song I wrote the week before he died, though I wasn't yet aware he was sick. https://soundcloud.com/janreedmusic/good-boy


Bear my big sweet guy. You gave us 14 years of goofiness, fun and laughter. There wasn't a squirrel you wouldn't chase or a piece of food on the counter you wouldn't try to get. I'll see you on the other side of the rainbow bridge my friend.


It's tough to imagine life without our beloved family member. Sadly, on Dec. 15 2022 we no longer had to imagine. How do you say goodbye to one who meant so much to your family? You came into our lives on June 21st 2013 and gave us 9 years of companionship, protection, love, friendship, fun, joy and laughter. While your life was much shorter than it should have been, we will forever cherish the memories of those 9 wonderful years.
We will miss...
...you lying under our feet in the kitchen as we prepared our meals or sitting patiently as we prepared yours ...you barrelling through the dog door after hearing the crinkle of a Baby Bell cheese wrapper or the running of the can opener ...the scratching on the office or bedroom door because we had the audacity to close it behind us without inviting you in ...your snow covered face as you ran joyfully through the freshly fallen snow ...you lying on your back holding your ball in the air with your front paws ...checking the mail as you checked the perimeter of the front yard for intruders ...having to get out of the way when opening the back door for fear of getting run over as you rushed to be the first one out ...mowing the lawn and having to move the ball you dropped in front of the mower ...the countless hours playing fetch in the back yard ...the howling when you saw us grab your leash and collar or putting our shoes on because you knew it was time for your walk ...coming in from the garage seeing you sitting and staring at us waiting for the snack we were supposed bring in ...sitting in the recliner and reaching down the side to feel you lying there beside us. And we will especially miss your wonderful greeting at the door whenever we came home from being away.

The moment that you left us, our hearts split in two.
One side filled with memories, the other side died with you.
We often lay awake at night when the world is fast asleep
and take a walk down memory lane with tears upon our cheek.
Remembering you is easy. We do it every day.
But missing you is a heartache that never goes away.
We hold you tightly within our hearts and there you will remain.
You see life goes on without you but will never be the same.

Goodbye Titan. We love you and miss you and you will forever be in our hearts and minds.