End life Teleconsult

What is an End of Life consult?

You will speak one on one with a certified veterinary technician experienced in end of life care. The technician can speak to you about a variety of topics which will allow you to recognize the end stages of your pets disease process and which will guide you in knowing when it is time to make the final decision. The technician may also speak about the nursing care tips for your geriatric pet, ways to get your pet to eat or take medications, physical aids to manage your large pet who may not be ambulatory. This technician phone consult WILL NOT and cannot be diagnosing your pet, treating your pet or making any medication recommendations

Topics that you may choose to discuss include in your discussion may include those listed below. For optimization of your time we suggest that you prioritize which of these topics you would most like to speak to our technician about.

  1. What are the clinical signs that may occur as your dog or cats disease progresses?
  2. What are the endpoints for my pets medical condition? Endpoints refer to the specific signs that will occur that should prompt you to schedule a euthanasia in the immediate future.
  3. What are signs that are considered emergencies and should prompt me to bring my pet to a veterinary hospital?
  4. How can I help my pet be more mobile? What are the limitations of exercise I can give them? How can I keep them safe from hurting themselves when I am not around?
  5. How can I improve their hygiene and decrease my workload if they are not ambulatory or too sick to easily stand?
  6. I dont want my pet to suffer? How do I know it he or she is suffering?

A short written email describing your pets medical condition, current signs and what prompted you to make this Teleconsult would also be useful.