Memorial Portrait

Artist: Millie Reddig

Millie Reddig is a long term Boise resident. Her beautiful acrylic paintings skillfully capture the essence of your pet's personality and style in a colorful and fun loving manner.

The proceeds of all of Millie's paintings goes towards one of Millie's life time pursuits - the housing and rehoming of the feral cat colonies in the Boise area. All of the veterinary professionals at Gentle Goodbye's salute her efforts.


9" x12" $90
16" x20" $120
Second animal added + $25


Read all about Millie and her work here.

Artist: Laura Lefkowitz

Laura Lefkowitz is a Gentle Goodbyes veterinarian and a professional artist. She feels that she can help people through their grief by providing them with a permanent memory of their pet in the form of an original oil painting. A portion of the proceeds from her paintings, which are specially priced for Gentle Goodbyes clients, is donated to the Idaho Horse Rescue Click here now

Dr. Lefkowitz also supports the veterinary support group called Not One More Vet. Please read more about this important veterinary organization at whose presence is saving the lives of veterinarians all around the world.

9x12'" Oil Painting $90

Artist: Danielle Leon Guerrero

Gentle Goodbyes is proud to sponsor Danielle who is currently a Boise State Art Student on track to receive her BFA in Visual Arts with an emphasis on drawing and painting at the end of the 2017 school year. She has been drawing and painting since a small child and is excited to pursue her new career in this field. She is a dedicated owner of 2 cats - Rooster and Hobbes. "I just love them to death." she tells us. Just the kind of person we want to support through Gentle Goodbyes art program.. Please contact us if you would like to own one of her beautiful india ink portraits of your own pet.

9x12" portrait - $55

Artist: Berdine Briones-Lefkowitz

We wish our pets can live our lifetime. With the bond that is created it is very difficult to lose a
loved one. Providing us with companionship, they give more than memories, they give us
laughter and unconditional love. A portrait of your best friend, your family member, though does
not take the place in our hearts, is more than art. It is meant to serve as a remembrance and
commemoration of them and all the wonderful loving memories you both created. A picture is
worth a thousand words. A portrait is worth a thousand memories.
Berdine would be honored to create a remembrance of your beloved pet.
Options offered:
Pastel Painting 11" x 14" $300
Acrylic on canvas 5" x 5" $75
Ornaments 3" wood disc $40