2023 Memorials

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My wonderful Tibbs, thank you for always being my best friend and companion. I will always cherish the incredible 14 years we had together. Your sassy and sweet attitude made you one of a kind that all of our family and friends will never forget and love forever . I hope you get to run and play again, enjoying your stick collection and hedgehog toys. The treat dice and biscuit bag will always be full for you now so put in your order. Until we meet again my sweet girl! Love you forever and beyond!


BONES - an expert chipmunk hunter, a lover of burrowing under blankets, anything food related, sunbathing, a good car ride, and the relentless desire to pee on everything.

He was my support, companion, and best friend. 13 years wasn't long enough..


12/12/07 - 12/28/23 Saying goodbye to our Emma was painful, as it is with any pet. She hadn't been able to go up and down stairs for the last three years of her life but strolls around the neighborhood were still a huge pleasure for all of us. She loved her yard, which she was always exploring for signs of visiting critters. Being able to hold her in her favorite spot in the yard when we said goodbye was very peaceful. We appreciate the work Gentle Goodbyes does for us and our pets when that time ultimately comes.

Harley Bella Suarez
7/30/09 - 4/13/23

We brought Harley home when she was 11 weeks and we were blessed to have her with us until she was almost 14 years old. She loved the water but hated baths. She stole socks when we weren't looking. She was the best dog we could ever ask for. We love you so much HB! Rest in Love in Love.


Having to say goodbye to Charlie was one of the most difficult things in my life. It was a difficult time to decide if it was his time. He'd grown very sick by the end, but always kept his happy personality. He loved everyone. I was fortune enough for my vet to recommend Gentle Goodbyes. It made an extremely difficult situation easier. They were so kind and respectful.

Autumn Alden

9/22/2004-4/14/2023 After a year and a half of having my Mawmaw and Pawpaw to myself, I've joined my brother Champ at the Rainbow Bridge! Thank you to Gentle Goodbyes, especially, for helping me to cross over and get out of this tired 18 year old body! I would also like to thank Dr.'s Fost, Koble, Beil and Lobb of The Cat Doctor for all the years you helped to keep me in good health even when I started to have the arthritis, kidney and blood pressure issues. Also, thank you to Dr. Cottingham at West Vet Urgent Care for helping me recover from a blood pressure and infection issue late last year.

Champ and I were born September 22, 2004. Champ crossed over September 14, 2021, and then it was my turn on April 14, 2023. It was peaceful at first, then I saw Champ and he said it was time for me to play and get some exercise again, so off we went chasing and tumbling with each other! I get to snuggle with him again... It's soooo good to be back with him and I've even met some brothers and sisters that I didn't even know, as well as a reunion with our birth mom and our other brother and two sisters from our litter! It was a "wonderful" life! I look forward to seeing Mawmaw and Pawpaw when they come to get us at the Rainbow Bridge someday! Oh-oh! Here comes Champ again! I guess I better get moving! Take care and thank you all!

Jake Hale

We are so grateful for the care and empathy that was shown to our family and our Jake during his end of life services. Were both very compassionate and patient with us throughout the process. We loved our Jake so very much. We very much have a hole in our hearts without him.

Jake was adopted from the Idaho Humane Society in 2009. He was a graduate of the IDAPI (Idaho Inmate Dog Alliance Program) and he was the best dog a family could ask for. He loved balls and water more than anything (other than his people). He very much thought he was a people and just needed to be where his were at all times. He was a pleaser and so easily did what he was asked, maybe bribed with a little bit of popcorn. He loved treats and squeaky toys and running. He was happy to play, or to just snuggle up and have a lazy day. He was gentle and kind and happy. He was a forever good boy. There are not enough words to express just how lucky we were to have had him in our lives. We miss him every moment of every day. How blessed we were that we got to love him.

Maynard James

You were the best dog anyone could ask for. When we saw you at the pet store in the Karcher Mall and asked to see you, you immediately started playing with us. I always thought you chose us as your family. We named you after our favorite singer and the adventure began.

Katie was 5 years old going into kindergarten when we got you. You loved your car rides to take her to school every weekday until she was old enough to drive herself to school.

We thought we lost you several times through your life. Once when our house sitter let you out the front door. You were gone for 4 days until you showed back up at 2am at the front door. Dad was so excited to see you he ran out the front door in his undies. Another time you went looking for the gravy someone poured over the ledge that led to the river while camping. Somehow you found the only little spot on the cliff that saved you from falling to the bottom and you were all covered in gravy.

Camping was your favorite. You loved all the treats and being able to get as dirty as you wanted.

You were always my dog, always at my side even if I left the room for 2 seconds. Thank you for the 14+ years of love and companionship. The world is less full without you here. We love you Mane Dog.

Finnigan Classen

Finn most precious. Likes to work puzzles. We are a duet at the piano. Walking circles around my wheelchair means feed me. Riding on the seat of my walker or if I'm sitting she is on my lap I miss her so much. She was the perfect friend. Thank you for helping her on the final day. Jacquie Classen


Born February 12, 2007. Hopefully joined her human father Jim. Much loved.


Zoie came to live with us when we picked her up in Louisiana October of 2007 at eight weeks old. She was with us until her passing May 8, 2023. She enjoyed chasing her squeaker bear in the house and her favorite rock when outdoors. She liked sitting on her master's lap in his office looking out the french doors at activity in the park where she had her daily walks. When her health began to falter and she became blind she spent most of the time sleeping in a cuddler bed in the kitchen, a tiny five pound black and white toy poodle. We loved our little companion and will miss her very much.

Pebbles Hoppy

Pebbles motto "don't worry, be Hoppy".
She was the sweetest, happiest, adventurer. We were so blessed to have for 16 years.
While our hearts are broken, we know you are running and jumping pain free now. You left huge paw prints in our hearts and will never be forgotten.


I am so grateful that I chose Gentle Goodbyes when the time came for Koop to leave us. They were warm, compassionate and even played with him when he was playful even in pain.

Koop will forever be remembered as the bestest of friends, loyal companion, bonded brother to her sister, healer of bodies and of hearts. I know you wouldn't want me sad, Big Guy, so I'll try real hard ~ Run hard and be free.

Stella Mae Parlock

I know in my heart it was time to let my sweet 14 year old silver poodle go. I have never utilized a home vet for euthanasia before, I wanted to commend the team that came to my house May 7, 2023. They were so gentle, unassuming and non rushed. I appreciate you and your service so much and I think it made Stella's transition an easier one! I woke up the next day and knew I had done the most compassionate act for her.

Stella was born 5/30/2009. One of my patients told me she raised mini poodles and I went to Nampa to get her despite my inclination to rescue. She has been a joy for 14 years and a big part of my heart. I told my husband, yes it is hard at the end but the amount of joy they bring to our lives is worth some pain at the end of their somewhat short life span.

Again, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I shall pass on high recommendations for your services for people when they have to make such difficult decisions. To not have to drag your pet into a cold strange sterile environment is a huge blessing.

Bentley Dumont

He had 16 wonderful years of love. He was always a very sweet boy.


We knew it would be hard to say goodbye but we underestimated how empty our hearts and home would feel without you. 13 years was not enough, Charlie. You were the sweetest, gentlest angel of a dog. You will always be the best butterball. We will love you forever.

Thank you, Gentle Goodbyes, for allowing us to say goodbye to our best friend in his home, feeling nothing but peace and love.

Sadie Williams

Sadie was the most lovable dog I've known and she brought happiness to our family for years. She was resilient and full of spirit clear until her last day with us and she was able to move on surrounded by those who loved her most. We will miss her dearly but know she is resting well and eating all the treats she can.

Ellie Pera

Thank you so much for helping us with our beloved Ellie! She was an amazing family dog, a good protector, a great duck hunter, and a good friend! She would even bark when the Amazon Driver pulled up so I could grab those Amazon boxes before my husband saw them! Ellie you will be missed in so many ways! Best dog ever!

Koda Bear

Bear was my best friend and copilot of adventure for 10.5 years. He was the happiest boy with a giant personality and a tail that never stopped wagging. He was a lover of tennis balls, giver of sweet puppy kisses, and chaser of birds. Our goodbye came far too soon. I'll be forever grateful to Gentle Goodbyes for helping me say goodbye to my boy at home in his own bed surrounded by people that loved him.


Gizmo hated the car, but loved flying in the company jet (my husband was their pilot). He loved running along the ocean beaches and sleeping on my head each night. He was my doggy soulmate for 18 years. I loved him dearly and miss him so much, but know he is in a good place now.


is a photo of our buddy Ruger. He was such a great companion for our family and we will miss him chasing balls and snuggles. Thank you for coming to our house to help us say goodbye.


I just wanted to send a picture of our beautiful Gulliver who passed on 2/16/23 so you can add him to your memorial wall. Thank you for helping make his passing easier.


He was such a sweet boy! And miss him daily!



Katie loved people, especially children.
Katie the adventure dog loved to travel.
Best furry friend

Taz (Tazzieman)

Taz showed up at our house, climbed up the window screen, looked in the front room and hollered until we let him in. Starving and emaciated he was but what a heart he had. For the next 18 years he was part of our family. My boys grew up with him and it was so very hard to say goodbye. Even after going blind and mostly deaf, he was so brave. Thank you for making his passing as easy as it could be.

Lily Smith

Lily was a wonderful companion to my family and will be missed. All dogs go to heaven and leave their paw prints in our hearts, to show us the way to heaven.


Tanner was our family's constant companion for 15 well-lived years. As a Lhasa Apso Poodle mix, he wasn't a large dog in stature, but he was mighty in spirit and attitude. Tanner came into our lives at just the right time - he adopted us as much as we did him, growing up alongside our daughters through their teenage years and beyond. There are so many funny and heartwarming stories we could tell about him, but they would take up more space than we have here to write about him. Suffice to say his personality and big eyes were always on display, while his bark definitely got your attention when he wanted it. If you weren't prepared he'd lick your leg to get some attention, too - maybe to scratch behind his ears, insist it was time to go outdoors, or simply to say hello in his own special way. Between Tanner and his brother, Tucker (a Maltipoo), there was plenty of affection and excitement to go around. Tucker has been promoted to alpha dog now, but we can tell he's aware of his brother's absence. Tanner, you will be missed more than we can express - you've left an indelible impression on our hearts and home.


In memory of our sweet Macie, who insisted she come home with us when we visited Simply Cats back in 2012. She enjoyed being Queen of the house, ruling from the top of her cat tree as she kept track of the birds and other wildlife in the back yard. She also loved playing with her faux mice, often bringing them to us as gifts. She was independent and spirited, and very loving; a constant, wonderful companion to us during these past 10.5 years. She will always be in our hearts.


A tribute to Taya, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 2/26/23.

We adopted Taya when she was 9 months old, when we were living in North Dakota. We lived in an old farmhouse surrounded by a shelter belt of lots of huge pine trees on 2 sides, and fields for as far as the eye could see beyond those and on the other 2 sides. She loved to run, and chase and catch critters! Over the years she's slowed down, but she lived a wonderful 14 years and 2 months. She was very loved and spoiled, and a loyal companion, to her human family and to her "brother" Ruger and "sister" Tazmin. She is greatly missed.


Thank you for your unconditional love and loyalty. I bet you had more miles under you belt than any other dog in the world, and I know you cleared the foothills of every lost tennis ball. You gave 110% Maximum effort until the end. Your only fault was your life was too short. For 15 years you were my best friend. Thank you for choosing me.


He loved sitting in the Sun in our backyard and we were so thankful that his last day WAS a sunny day.


Buddy (aka BigBoy Gentle)

Saying Goodbye is one of the hardest things we have done together as a couple.
So Grateful we were part of his life for 15 years.
Thank you for helping us with Buddy.
We love you and miss you Buddy.
2008 to 2023


That is where she was when we said goodbye too.
Fireplace going and all. ♥️


Maddie was our beloved 4 legged furry kid. She was with us for almost 20 years.
She was a cuddle bug and loved to be with her people.

RIP Maddie Mae you were well loved and will be greatly missed. Fly high sweet angel!


He had 16 wonderful years of love.
He was always a very sweet boy


Diogi joined our family at the age of 8 from the Oregon Humane Society. Diogi gave us 6 wonderful years. She was a big goofball who absolutely LOVED car rides with hopes of getting a pup ice cream cone haha she became the best big sister to her human sibling, watching over him and letting him crawl all over her in her senior years. Diogi will be missed by so family friends both in Oregon and Idaho. Until we meet again, sweet mama


For 16 and 1/2 years, Indy was the light of our life. She was always full of energy and had a willingness to please and love us. Gentle Goodbyes had lots of empathy, and they were very good at what they did and how they treated us.

Saki Campbell

You were both there to help me through one of the toughest things I have ever had to do. I have had the great honor to have this girl for 12+ years. She has been my companion and my family.

Thank you both for giving her an actual "gentle goodbye". I cannot thank you enough for your compassionate care and understanding of my grief. God Bless


You came into our home and eased us through our final goodbyes with extreme kindness and knowledge. The description of what was taking place put us at peace and we knew that we had made the right decision at the right time in this way to say our final goodbye to Maci.

Maci was almost 14 years old but we only were able to have her latch onto our hearts for close to 7 years. Too short of a time to love this bundle of goofiness and fur. Our hearts definitely are breaking but we are so thankful for the two angels that came to our home to take care of Maci for us.

Thank you again, Gentle Goodbyes, for carefully attending to our entire family. We will be forever grateful.


Aileron was born in Woodinville, Wa on May 12, 2007. For all of her 16 years, she was the BEST DOG EVER. Always at your side, always vigilant, and always playful. And SO SMART! We had the best adventures and the best times. She went from being a single man's best friend to a family dog with three little girls to raise and protect. And she took care of them like she was born to do it.

Aileron was more than a dog. She was part of us, and she always will be. We will miss her forever until we see her again. There's too much to say about her. She was that special. We'll miss you, Sweet Puppy. You were THE BEST, and you always will be.


BaoVe (Vietnamese for "protector") was the most gentle, loving and loyal fur baby. He loved long walks and was a faithful walking buddy to his human mom for most of his 14 years. BaoVe knew all of the coffee houses in our West Boise neighborhood and enjoyed many treats and pup cups. He loved playing in his large yard and could play fetch forever; he also loved and snuggled with the family cats. He was such a good boy! BaoVe, you are missed SO much! Mom and Dad will love you forever.


Mandy was our sweet girl who passed away at 15 years old. We adopted her from Greenhill Humane Society in Eugene, Oregon in April 2017. Mandy was rescued at the age of 9 from a hoarding situation and was very frightened of other humans. She had no teeth, but was able to eat food normally and absolutely loved her wet cat food and treats. She would make sure to wake us up every morning at about 5am, waiting for her food with her patented screaming meow. Mandy didn't like to be held, but loved ear scratches and sitting on our laps to get pets. We miss you Mandy and a piece of us is missing without you here.

Stinky Pete

Stinky Pete was my companion for 24 years. When he was young he would hunt for snakes, lizards, mice, gophers he never touched birds. He would play fetch with a rubber band and play hide and seek with our dog Moose. Stinky Pete always knew how to comfort me. In many ways Stinky Pete was my soulmate. He will live forever in my heart. I love and miss you Stinky.

Bee Meagher

Bee Meagher died on March 12, 2023 at our home.

Forever in my heart.


Sammy was our Kitty for 16 years. We loved him and he will be in our hearts forever. He was a true warrior and a cuddly companion not only to his human buddies but also his 4 legged furry brothers and sisters. RIP Sammy - We know your 4 legged furry buddies welcomed you at the Rainbow Bridge!



I got Rusty from his owner who had to move away and couldn't take him. We had Rusty for a short time but he touched our hearts. I called him my labor of love. Thanks to Gentle Goodbyes for give him a peaceful journey to doggy heaven. We miss you sweet boy!


My heart is broken. Toby, my sweet, 15 year old, 7 lb. Yorkie crossed the Rainbow Bridge 2/4/2023. I rescued Toby when he was 3.5 years old and what a blessing he has been to me.
He was my companion and a friend to everyone he met. He loved walks, playing with his toys and getting back rubs. Not much of a lap dog but always affectionate and wanted to be held if I was standing.
Even though he was deaf the last few years, we could easily communicate with each other. He was always so active and people couldn't believe how old he was. The photo was taken two months before he passed.
I'm grateful that he had a long, active life and I have wonderful memories of my sweet baby. I miss him so much.
Toby, mommy loves you forever. Enjoy chasing those bunnies and squirrels.

Mickey Blue Eyes

In 2012 at the age of 4, Mick became a part of our family after meeting him at the West Valley Humane Shelter. We immediately fell head over heels with him and his expressive blue eyes and knew right away he was coming home with us. One could always tell what he was thinking by just looking into his eyes. He was a soft old soul and loved everyone he met. Mick also loved his tennis balls and squeaky toys the most and would unpack his toy box every morning. One of his favorite morning rituals was to grab a squeaky toy first thing and then howl his good mornings while carrying his toy in his mouth. In spite of being sick, he still loved to play a rousing game of keep away with his toys. When Mick wasn't playing, he was enjoying the life of a lap dog. Mick relished this role as his early life was spent herding cattle and an occasional stubborn goat. It took mom 2 weeks after his adoption to wash the feedlot smell out of his fur. Mickey Blue Eyes you are so missed by all who loved you, so until we meet again, run free with Mozart, Burton, Greykin and Henry. We will see you again sweet boy.

Axel Foley

What an amazing addition you were to our family! We are so grateful for the 8 wonderful years you had shared with us. You were larger than life and had so much love to give and receive. We will miss you dearly, but know that you are pain-free and having a blast with those that passed before you.
Love and miss you dearly Axel Foley,
Your loving family


Kody picked a puppy out of a litter and named him Max, who we loved for over 14 years. He loved everyone he met. Max would greet us when we came home and told us if we had been away too long! He listened well when we needed someone to talk to or cry on. Max loved to run along the fence line chasing squirrels. He was always eager to go a walk & take time to enjoy the smells along the way. A bone was better buried first & then chewed on later! Standing on his back feet, he could reach lots of items, like pizza or brownies. Max is the best & will always be in our hearts, mind & soul.


Our precious Dora, gave so much to our home life for 13.5 yrs. She was an incredibly loyal and loving soul who was protective of us and our home, but at the same time, was always open and very approachable and gentle to anybody who wanted to pet her out in the world. We never feared for any children that would come up to her. She had a beautiful dominant female-ness about her, and thru her communications, guided the way for us and our other dog in day to day life. I trust that she will continue to protect us and lead the way as our Guardian Angel, never to be forgotten.


Mogi was a loyal member of our pack for the past 16 years. Our bright eyed pup was always up for an adventure, he loved to fetch, swim and be around his people. Mogi was the best dog and brought so much love into our lives. We will miss you sweet boy. Fetch on Sir Mogollon the First, the never ending green bone buffet awaits you.


Roman was an amazing companion for his 12 years of life. He started off the first couple years of his life home-to-home not fitting in until he eventually ran away and lived on the streets until collected by animal services to be put down. We were notified by an animal rescue organization that saved him and were looking for a home for Roman. We rescued Roman and our five kids surrounded him with love and support. We would always tell friends that Roman only had one job (which he did well) that was simply to "Love Everyone"....and he did. Roman was a gentle and kind dog that treated everyone he met with loving excitement. His sweetness was always noticed. We miss Roman and know that he lived an amazing life with us.


Jeffrey was almost 11 1/2 years old when we said goodbye. He was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma almost 2 months prior and we tried to give him all the love, fun and treats we could leading up to the day. Jeffrey loved sitting like a human on benches and couches, watching back and forth as people had conversations. If for one second you sat on the ground, he wouldn't hesitate to take the opportunity to sit on your lap. He loved having conversations and holding eye contact. He loved eating snow and chewing sticks and cuddling all night long. He loved hard and was truly loved by everyone who ever met him. He is so very missed.



Hudson, my precious Boston Terrier and Mama's baby. He loved to play ball and "hide & seek". There wasn't a nook or cranny in the house where he couldn't find me in nothing flat. A wonderful companion for 14-1/2 years, I will always miss him.


Harley was our beautiful, gentle girl. She loved her walks, meeting kitties, and her biscuits! A beautiful soul that will be missed❤️


This pretty girl was bottle fed at 4 weeks old by my husband. She excelled at catching tennis balls, frisbees and taking a swim! She was always at my side and within eyesight of me. My dog loved rides and knew where we were usually going. She could smell a lake or river before we reached them.Twelve years of devotion and a shining personality. She passed sweetly so that she wouldn't be in pain anymore. So missed.


Seamus the blue heeler was a very sweet, intelligent, and soulful dog. He loved eating, sitting in the sunshine, playing fetch (before his joints got too sore), going on walks, loving on friends and neighbors, and being by my side. Everyone who spent time with him ended up falling in love with him, and it made me happy that he had such a wide circle of friends. The bond he and I shared was the closest and most dear one of my life, and we truly did learn and grow together over the 13 and 1/2 years we had (he was about a year old when I adopted him).

The first week of his absence has been tremendously painful, but I take comfort in the thought that he is completely without pain or limitation now. Thank you to the vets at Habitat, Les Bois, and West Vet for taking such good care of him over the years, and to anyone who ever watched him for me, and to Gentle Goodbyes for helping him pass over peacefully.

I love you always and forever, Seamus.

Here's a song I wrote the week before he died, though I wasn't yet aware he was sick. https://soundcloud.com/janreedmusic/good-boy


Bear my big sweet guy. You gave us 14 years of goofiness, fun and laughter. There wasn't a squirrel you wouldn't chase or a piece of food on the counter you wouldn't try to get. I'll see you on the other side of the rainbow bridge my friend.


It's tough to imagine life without our beloved family member. Sadly, on Dec. 15 2022 we no longer had to imagine. How do you say goodbye to one who meant so much to your family? You came into our lives on June 21st 2013 and gave us 9 years of companionship, protection, love, friendship, fun, joy and laughter. While your life was much shorter than it should have been, we will forever cherish the memories of those 9 wonderful years.
We will miss...
...you lying under our feet in the kitchen as we prepared our meals or sitting patiently as we prepared yours ...you barrelling through the dog door after hearing the crinkle of a Baby Bell cheese wrapper or the running of the can opener ...the scratching on the office or bedroom door because we had the audacity to close it behind us without inviting you in ...your snow covered face as you ran joyfully through the freshly fallen snow ...you lying on your back holding your ball in the air with your front paws ...checking the mail as you checked the perimeter of the front yard for intruders ...having to get out of the way when opening the back door for fear of getting run over as you rushed to be the first one out ...mowing the lawn and having to move the ball you dropped in front of the mower ...the countless hours playing fetch in the back yard ...the howling when you saw us grab your leash and collar or putting our shoes on because you knew it was time for your walk ...coming in from the garage seeing you sitting and staring at us waiting for the snack we were supposed bring in ...sitting in the recliner and reaching down the side to feel you lying there beside us. And we will especially miss your wonderful greeting at the door whenever we came home from being away.

The moment that you left us, our hearts split in two.
One side filled with memories, the other side died with you.
We often lay awake at night when the world is fast asleep
and take a walk down memory lane with tears upon our cheek.
Remembering you is easy. We do it every day.
But missing you is a heartache that never goes away.
We hold you tightly within our hearts and there you will remain.
You see life goes on without you but will never be the same.

Goodbye Titan. We love you and miss you and you will forever be in our hearts and minds.