Rhode came into our lives as a young dog from the Idaho Humane Society on July 7, 2003. She had a ton of energy and loved to run and chase most anything that moved. She also loved to swim, probably more than anything, except a good belly rub. We took many hikes together, walked on many beaches, and traveled many roads. She was a faithful friend and companion, through years of school, moves between cities, new jobs, and the birth and raising of two kids. Her gentle spirit and tenderness comforted us through tough times. Her happy face and wagging tail always brought smiles. We lost her January 17, 2018, after fourteen and a half years. We will forever be grateful for the memories she gave us and the time we shared. She is deeply missed.

I want to thank Gentle Goodbyes for their professionalism and compassion in helping our Buster transition to a more peaceful existence. Buster was born on the fourth of July in 2006, and left us on January 20, 2018. He was a loving, very smart, quirky and devoted protector of our family, and always knew everything that was happening in all corners of the house at all times. He loved spending time poolside with Lynn, and would keep her company for hours on end. Be well my friend!

Although this little lady was small - she had a large presence! She was the leader of our homes ecosystem. I feel an entire chapter of my life is now closed upon Maddie’s passing and while that breaks my heart, I know that my sweet, beautiful Maddie is still watching over us

Lucy was rescued as a wounded stray in Nogales, AZ near the border to a local shelter. We fostered Lucy and decided to adopt her in 2009. Lucy’s favorite things were: eat, run, jump, visit her Grandparents and chase squirrels and quails.
Lucy’s fond memories will be her dancing for food and smiling to us showing her teeth.
We will miss her terribly.

Samson was the best part of my life for nearly 11 years. Such love! Such joy! He is forever tattooed on my heart. Miss you my Boy!!

Jake 6/15/2003 - 1/9/2018
No longer by my side but forever in my heart.

You were a pudgy senior pup at the shelter when I fell for your sad brown eyes. You never saw a tennis ball you didn't love and your enthusiasm for long walks was legendary. A gentle giant, your quiet patience and love warmed even the most difficult of strangers and your tolerance of a grumpy cat earned you belly rubs and a wonderful spot over the Rainbow Bridge. Snuggling on the sofa, playing in the snow, and getting brushed were your favorite times. You were my first and I treasure our 8 years together. I miss you bud.

They say dogs are mans best friends, but Spencer was so much more. Friend, our little boy, camping buddy and goofball! We will miss you and love you so much buddy.

Thank you Lord for bringing us the special little girl Shorthair named LuLu.
She loved to hunt, go fishing, camp, loved to snuggle, loved her doggie doors and back yard, she loved to travel, she loved her life!!!! She gave us so many wonderful memories right up to her final day. She was simply a huge light in our lives and our great friend. We could never put into words what this little dog gave us in her life.You will be with us forever LuLu. Thank you and We Love you. You’re a good girl!!!!! 12/17/2000 to 12/19/2017

Leo, our grumpy, lovable old boy. We adopted you at 9-1/2 years. You still had so much spunk left in you! We had 4 great years together.
Our home is too quiet now without you. - love you buddy.

Autumn entered into our hearts as a six week old puppy. It was love at first sight. She was the most loyal friend we ever had, we enjoyed her companionship for 16 1/2 years. Autumn, you will be missed. We will always remember you.
~ Hugs & Kisses. ~

Dyedye, we are so grateful to have you with us for past 17 years. You are always the most fearless and sweetest princess in our life. And will be always in our heart, always... Mom and Dad

We adopted this sweet girl when we think she was 3. It took us about a day for her to become "our" dog. She was an amazing teacher of patience and unconditional love. We miss her everyday. Gentle Goodbyes made a very difficult decision much easier to bare. They were very kind to our dog and to us and it made all the difference to be able to stay at home.

Chico: Nov. 1st 2000 - to Dec. 23rd 2017.
In loving memory of Chico, the best dog there could ever be. Rest in peace, my dear boy. You will be greatly missed.

JoJo melted our hearts the day we first met and held her. She loved people, road trips, camping, sleepovers and guarding the bird feeder in her backyard. JoJo and our dog, Mindy, grew up together. We miss both dogs but feel fortunate we had over 15 years with JoJo. Thank you, JoJo, for bringing love and laughter into our home. Thank you, Gentle Goodbyes, for coming to our home December 17, 2017.

Volt, friend, brain cancer took you from us before you reached your seventh birthday, but in your short time on Earth, you gave us a hundred years' worth of joy. Like a tiny, vibrant sun in corgi form, everyone who met you felt your radiance. The memories of your humor and your charm will stay with me always. I love and miss you deeply, my beautiful boy.

Delta (Sep 13, 2009-Dec 2, 2017)
She waltzed into our life in Jan 2010 as a four-month old kitten and wriggled her way straight into our hearts. She was the most intelligent, affectionate, perceptive being who brought us a great deal of joy and love. There was not a human she didn't try to befriend.
Her eight years in this world gave us nothing but positive memories and we will were indeed privileged to be part of her life. Rest in peace, sweet little one.

- Mom and Dad (Bhavana and Jai)

George, Georgie, my honey boy, was an indoor cat who loved to go outside; he always hung around but we still kept an eye on him. He loved to roll in the sunshine on the warm sidewalk, he loved to cuddle & would suck on his paw as I held him. We always thought he smelled like maple syrup! He hated being in a car. I am so thankful we found Gentle goodbyes to help us have a peaceful goodbye at home near the fireplace. I miss him a lot. -- Nancy Hartman

In November we made the decision to help our wonderful Boston Terrier “Dot” pass painlessly from this life. I can only convey heartfelt thanks to Gentle Goodbyes for their kindness and flexibility in making it possible for this to occur in our home with all members present. She was our bit of unconditional love and joy, and we miss her dearly.

We will always miss our Billy. He was so smart and loyal. He was great company and a beautiful mini Schnauzer. Billy, you were loved so much, we will never forget you.

Our sweet girl. Over the course of 14 years’ of park and neighborhood strolls, thousands of miles walked, uncountable balls thrown & retrieved, and myriad pool laps swam on hot summer days, you were always loyal, playful, and so very gentle. You were loved by everyone and will be forever missed.

Everyone that ever met you loved you. Everyone you met you loved them.
You were smart, loyal, and obedient. You will be missed by us and everyone who knew you. You were a good friend and family member whom will never be forgotten.
Sleep in the sunshine that you loved so much while you live the rest of your time in heaven my old friend.

Sam had a way of making anyone feel like the most special person in the world. Bulldogs don't do much running, but he would run his hardest to get to you. He snuggled the kids every day. He was thrilled by fresh snow. And ear scratches. And bacon. Did he smell? He sure did. Did he nap (a conservative) 80% of the day? Absolutely. And he was perfect. He loved us so well for 10 years. We'll love and miss him for a lifetime.

Our sweet Pepper lived to be almost 14. When she was two months old, a farmer shot her, her mother and all of her litter mates. Pepper was the only one who survived,and made it to a no-kill shelter three miles away. The moment I saw her, we connected. As you can see in the picture of her with my grand daughter Ren, she was the kindest, gentlest dogs I've ever known. We miss her so.


My sweet best friend of 19 years. Charlie loved going to coffee with me every morning and especially loved his treats. He made life amazing and will be missed every second of everyday. Daddy loves you Charlie and you will live in my heart forever. Enjoy Heaven sweet friend.

Our sweet gal Lulu, we miss you as much as we are thankful for all the days we shared with you. Always the Lady, so sweet, gentle and laid back and easygoing almost to a fault. You were always up for an adventure as much as you were for a nap, just as long as we, the 'pack' were all together. I miss our adventures, coming home to your smile, waking to your snores and your gentle nudges and just knowing we were both there. You were my one in a million. Big appreciation to Gentle Goodbyes for making all this as easy as it possibly could be. We miss you girl. Thank you for making our lives so much fuller. PS Tibtibs says "Stay silly sis, miss ya, meow".

Holly was a rescued from death row in a local pound in Tennessee. She did not have the forceful and assertive temperament typically associated with her breed so nobody in her area would give her a home. Lucky for us that a GSD rescue group pulled her out and gave us the opportunity to share our home with her. She was as even tempered, calm, and loving as a dog could be, and we will remember her with special fondness for the rest of our lives.

Cesar was my true and faithful companion. I knew he was mine as soon as I saw the "T" over his heart and the wings on his chest. We have been together as much as possible for the short nine and a half years of his life. He always seemed to know what I needed. He is missed very much.

Roxie and Harlely
Roxie died September 26th and Harley April 8th. They were best buddies and gave us so much laughter and love. We were lucky to have them.

Skeeter was my husbands dog and when he died in 2010 she seemed lost but she knew she had a job to do! He had entrusted the daunting job of taking care of those left behind to her and till the day she left this earth she never moved from my side.  I went outside, so did she. I went to the restroom, there she was. I went to bed, she was beside me. I miss this sweet force more than I can say but she did her job and she did it with a happy soul and a sweet personality. 

Sally came to our home in early September 2003. She left on September 15, 2017. She was a great dog, it was a really
sad day made a little easier by us not having to take her out of her home for the last few hours of her life.

Love you, Sal!

Milo was born in Tacoma, Washington during 1999. He grew to become a handsome cat and paled around with his friend
Smokey. MIlo was quite busy in his own way, running from the doorbell, battling a raccoon, his morning “Temptations”, and his new but caring parents. Our Milo will be missed

Carlos never met a lap he didn’t like! He loved playing with his doggie friends, first Maddy and Aki then Gracie; he never let them get away with too much. He was much like a dog, first to get up in the morning and sit by his bowl awaiting breakfast, the first to greet me each day when I arrived home from work. He loved eating bacon and playing in water. I am so fortunate to have had him in my life for 15 years. His heart gave out I think because he gave so much love to everybody he ever met, especially me. He was such an amazing, sweet and handsome boy; I miss him terribly!

Zena was a member of our Family. It was Difficult for us to let her go. We wished we could have had more time with her. She was loved by all who knew her. She was wonderful with kids and loved to sun bathe in the water. When she left us a part of us went with her. Our Dear Sweet Zena Beana, you will always have a special place in our hearts. No one can ever replace you. We will love you always! Until we meet again. We miss our Zena!

Bailey was a loyal cat, always greeting me when I came home and ready to cuddle on the couch at night. She is greatly missed. Love you Bailey!

The little red cat in the middle is Chico. He is surrounded by his buddies Simon, Nina and Friday.
He was a sweet, special , bossy kitty who loved to jump on my shoulders and ride around. He is
once again with his kitty friends.

Our sweet baby Jake, we will miss you so much, but we’ll carry you in our hearts forever. You were the sweetest, gentlest Sheltie who loved soft blankets and snuggling on the couch. You also loved your treats, standing outside with the wind blowing your beautiful coat, and smelling flowers in bloom. We will miss your “happy bark” and wagging tail whenever we walk through the door. Happy trails our sweet boy.

I'll never forget when the gal at Pet Smart brought Stoli out for me to meet him, she's struggling to stay upright and she comes busting through the door and said this is the wildest dog I've ever seen. And he remained that way. But according to this picture, no one would believe that. He was so patient with Boomer and Boomer just loved Stoli. He would rub around on him and meow and loved any attention from Stoli he could get. Boomer is rather lost now. As wild as Stoli was, he was just as sweet. He was loyal, needy but all in all a great dog and even his wild side will be missed.

Gizmo was a great dog who really wasn't a dog. He was a little person with fur. He was our life and he will be so missed. Words can't describe the hurt we are feeling with his loss. We miss the clicking of his nails on our floor, the excitement from him when we return home, the snoring, his sweet and cute little face, his big ears, his companionship, his unconditional love, and just the warmth of his presence. He gave sooo much to us and required so little. We love him dearly and will cherish forever the wonderful life we had with him. We love you Gizmo. Rest In Peace Sweet Boy.

Pickles was a great dog. For a beagle-basset hound with short legs, she could run fast. She loved all animals and was a good protector and watch dog. We miss her but hope she’s with her old dog

June 15, 2008, Fathers Day, our family met Heidi the Border Collie/Australian Shepard mix at the Idaho Humane Society animal shelter. She was in the back of the kennel, frightened and alone. Her data sheet indicated that she was 4 years old. We took Heidi out of her kennel and got acquainted. We could see immediately that she was smart and knew basic commands. We instantly knew that Heidi was our forever dog and adopted her. We enjoyed our walks with Heidi. She was such a great companion and watch dog. We loved Heidi and she became such a big part of our family. Illness took Heidi away from us way too soon. We will miss Heidi very much. We were very appreciative that Gentle Goodbyes could come to our house and help Heidi end her pain quietly and surrounded by those who loved her.

Quincy was a part of our lives for almost 15 years. He loved the deer at our house in Virginia and hated the mailman.
He loved his family and friends. He was a very loving dog. We miss him but know he is happy!

We had to say goodbye to our sweet boy Ammo a few weeks ago at 7 years young. He was always a very happy boy - his favorite things to do included playing fetch (with balls, rocks, frisbees, pine cones, you name it), swimming, hanging out with his brothers Gunner and Ruger, and car rides with his humans. He will be missed so much, but he lives on in our hearts forever.

Courage was 17+ years old, an amazing cat, and will be deeply missed. Gentle Goodbyes gave us the opportunity to say goodbye to Courage from home which was so nice and comfortable. It was done with patience, peace and sincerity. We are grateful for Gentle Goodbyes.

Elka was so young to have had so many medical problems. During her short life she made my life better. I'll miss her forever!
Thank you for your compassionate care of both of us.

Our Leeloo was a big, shy, girl. Her size and bark could be intimidating to those who did not know her, but she was always so gentle. She greeted me with bounces, drooled when she drank or got excited, and raised her paw to ask for one more treat. I miss your snoring, your gentle wake up kisses, and just being next to me all the time. I will be with you again someday, over the rainbow bridge.

Lacy was about 1 ½ to 2 years old when she chose us to adopt her. For 9 years she loved chasing rabbits, whistle pigs, ravens, and antelope in the Murphy, ID, but she adjusted well to “city” life in Nampa. She gave us so much over the years and asked for so little, and we will treasure the 13 years that we did have with her.

Lucy was the truest and most loyal friend. Our relationship spanned more than a decade, during which time she brought me countless laughs, comfort in times of sadness, and taught me about unconditional love. After all she brought to my life, it was an honor to make her last few months as comfortable and peaceful as possible and when it came time to let her go, it was no surprise that she took a piece of my heart with her.

Dodger brought love and joy into our house for nine years. We will miss him every day, but know he is exploring and playing in the sun!

Maddie was a sweet and gentle girl who preferred to watch the boys play from afar. She was a shy and loving cat who loved to snuggle her humans. We miss her gentle spirit.

Sukey – She was a 'Rumblepuss'; at night, upon my going to bed, she would often climb upon my chest and purr me a lullaby. There's a hole in my heart that will shrink, but never entirely close.

“RIP Badger (9/1/2005 – 4/14/2017). Badger was the best friend and best dog ever. He was a German Shepherd mix with a gentle heart and soul. He loved his three doggy siblings, particularly his hound dog sister. He enjoyed lounging outdoors and i laying on soft blankets and sofas indoors. Routines and being bathed and clean were very important to him. He liked his dog bed “fluffed” every night before bed.

Our beautiful 16 yr old Toby left this mortal earth on April 15, 2017.  So incredibly loyal, patient, and never complained or demanded.  We believe that he is now our Guardian Angel who will never leave us, guiding our mortal lives.
Toby, You are forever in our heart and soul and mind.

10/10/2001 – 03/25/2017
The “little dog” was a big dog at heart. To some, he’s known as the “bear dog” who fiercely chased away several bears from camp. A constant and loyal companion on many adventures traveling far and near. Overflowing with personality he fit right into any environment. Rock Dog was the absolute best… as was the company he kept.. Thank You for being You little buddy!

Zoh was just a puppy when I gave her to my wife, Teddi.  Zoh was the perfect companion for my wife.  Zoh was such a loving and sweet little girl who demonstrated unconditional love for, and devotion to, my wife.  For the past twelve years the three of us were bound together as a happy family unit.  Our little corgi will certainly be missed

Brie did not like her picture taken, which is something that I learned the first day that I adopted her nearly ten years ago. But, being the character that she was, when she wanted to, she would ham it up for the camera. Goodbye, sweet Brie. We love you and miss you.

Upon barren branch,
Appeared a bud of brown,
Fragrant flowers followed.
O Kaya, a name, a form, a being like my self.
For a time, a life, as a dog essence breathed
Manifest as her. O our souls,
We come,
We go,
in eons of time, and space.
Of amazing grace.

Mojo was an amazing dog.  With her unconditional love, she cured me of my pain and helped me start my life fresh.   She loved to go camping and on walks and just for rides in the car  - everywhere we went, she was the star of the show.   She was smart and she  had uncanny intuition - she just knew things.    She will be missed by everyone.

5/19/11 to 3/8/17: You were a one of a kind lab. You loved the water like most labs, but you were the most cuddly and mellow lab most we had ever met. Sweet, beautiful Penny - taken too soon from us, we’re going to miss you like crazy. Rest in peace our sweet angel.

Murphy. Murphy Doo. Murphy Moozer. The Mooz. 2006-2017
50% Pit Bull Terrier, 50% Chesapeake Bay Retriever, 100% Gentleman
He was strong, sensitive, calm, intelligent, and loyal. Never has a dog been so loved.

My Bria never failed to greet me when I came home. She wasn't a lap kitty, but she was always close by. In 19 years she never missed using her litter box and she had to smell everything I ate. Very loyal kitty!!

Leon - he would watch me go about me day with his deep brown eyes, at awe with the fact that he could be comfortable and loved after a previous life, where he wasn't given a second or a first thought. He was a sweet, gentle, albeit stubborn guy. I saw a t-shirt once that said "Your dog don't know sit!" Yeah, he didn't know sit and I loved him all the more for it as he stood alongside me.

January 17, 2006 - February 1, 2017
Max was a sweet, gentle, friendly dog. A lover not a fighter. He responded well to voice command, and enjoyed going everywhere his human went. He adored his human. When she was gone, he would get noticeably depressed. Now that Max is gone, his human misses him more than anything. RIP sweet Max.

Harley was my best friend and an integral part of our family for the last 12 years. His clumsy, happy-go-lucky demeanor earned him the nickname "Doofy", but his heart was so gentle and loving. From the first day we brought you home, you've left pawprints on our hearts and lives. Run free, buddy. Forever in our hearts...

Ein lived fast and loud, zooming around everywhere and making new friends. He was feisty, playful and hilarious. He will leave an empty spot in our hearts for a long time to come.

Here is our Osa bear. She was loved, she will be missed!

We adopted Daisy in Chicago where she was found living on the streets. She was our first baby and we picked her up the day we got back from our honeymoon which was days after 9/11. Daisy taught us so much about ourselves and helped us grow as a family. She made us laugh and was always there for us. We love and miss you Daisy.

We got Sarge the very first day we got back from our honeymoon.  I wanted a snuggly lap cat and my husband wanted a “feisty” kitty to play with.  My husband won :)  Sarge loved adventure and his spunky spirit brought so much joy into our home.

Hugo & Abby
Hugo and Abby were my best friends. Always smiling, always together, and always there for me. They are now running in the endless fields of the puppy afterlife. They will be forever missed.

Copper Lee Sonic Boom (Boomer)
Boomer spent his days enjoying life and was a loving heartbeat at our feet at the end each day. His passing has left a corgi sized hole in our hearts. He was truly the dog in the quote below.

He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.
- Author Unknown

Thor Bear

Thank you for your generous help with Maya. It was such a comfort to have you into our home to assist with this very difficult time. It was invaluable. Maya was such a gentle and hungry little girl. She will be missed!

Sam Graham
You rummaged our trash cans, ate unspeakable pounds of pears from the tree out back, shed millions of hairs, and licked my face every night before sleep. Thought we saved you but you saved us. What a fantastic adventure we had. Love you buddy

Maggie was our sweet, kind, little girl of 16 yrs that everyone LOVED and she LOVED everyone. Not a bad bone in her body. She loved to play ball until her little 4 legged brother, Harley came to live with us. He pretty much took over the ball. She loved her nightly treats. WE WILL MISS YOU SO MUCH MAGGIE

You put smiles on our faces everyday for 15 years. You were there for us through thick and thin. Jim was inspected every evening to make sure there were no office dogs you had to deal with. You had the amazing ability to find the exact center of any bed or couch that came your way. Rest in peace Bellaboo. Melissa and Jim Thomssen

Rae was a great dog and a great friend. We will always love him.

Hank was the protector of the home from the moment he showed up for my Christmas present at 5 weeks old.He never failed to greet me at the gate when I came home from the bus stop, He was smart. He figured out how to open the back door to come inside! To his very last second he wanted to be with me. Guard dog on earth, guardian angel in Heaven.

Jasper was a wonderful family member that will be missed dearly. His last 4.5 years he lived like a king and that gives us some solace. See you at Rainbow Bridge dear boy!

Shelby McCoy
(2001 - Oct 12, 2016)
Our fetchaholic lab. Kimberly still misses sharing her popcorn with you. We all miss your walks and your barks when it was time to eat.We thank you for just laying down and enduring when the pit bull attacked you instead of us.. We wish you an eternity of never-ending happiness and hope to be with you again someday. With love

Moto was an amazing companion, who even after 5 years of being the baby adapted and loved the kids we had with all his heart. He made sure we knew they were protected. He loved to swim, fetch sticks and play tug of war. We couldn't have asked for a better companion. Thank you Moto for the amazing 11 years you gave us

Here is a photo of our 19 year old cat, Champagne, aka Sister. Thank you for helping us say goodbye to her in a loving way. We appreciate it!

She is greatly missed by everyone but she leaves behind a wonderful legacy and is probably being spoiled by my grandmothers in heaven. Here are some of the many pictures of her from throughout the years and again thank you so much, you have a huge heart to do what you do!

Thank you for making my dog comfortable in his final moments. He was very smart and gentle. The thing I loved most was how he would look you right in the eyes when we spoke to him. You could ask for a smile, a kiss, or to get a toy and he would do it. Or just when you needed someone to talk to, he was always there and you just knew he understood what you you meant and how you were feeling. He loved birthdays and Christmas and would help unwrap gifts, being ever so gentle, never damaging the contents inside. He was my best friend and was always happy to be by my side.

Dear Laura,

Thank you for the sweet card.

While losing my best friend Jake was one of the hardest days of my life I am so thankful that Gentle Goodbyes was there. It was a beautiful day and I know that Jake was at peace with it. I miss him dearly but am so thankful for the years I had as his mom.

My Taz was my best buddy for 13 + years . He has now went to heaven and I'm sure he's chasing the kitties there and having a great time. Thanks to gentle goodbyes for making his transition such a smooth and peaceful one for him and me.

Thank you for coming into my life.  I love you so much Stanny.  Go find Bear and Bailey and have fun.   Come back to be with me.  I will always love and take good care of you. XO